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Re: kinship terms (was Re: The pitfall of Chinese/Mandarin_

From:Cheng Zhong Su <suchengzhong@...>
Date:Friday, December 14, 2001, 22:37
 --- Anton Sherwood <bronto@...> wrote: >
> > So "aunt" takes four words, and "first cousin" takes > how many? > > > -- > Anton Sherwood --
In chinese, cousins from father' side put a word 'tang' in front, from mother's side put a word 'biao' in front. Then tangxiong means a cousin from father's side older than you. 'da' means first, the first cousin of all father's side was called datangxiong, and from mother's side called dabiaoxiong. 'gu' and 'yi' are the words for 'aunt'. 'tanggu' means an aunt from father's father side, or we say bearing the same surname with you. An aunt from father's mother side was called 'biaogu'. 'yi' means an aunt from mother's side. If the aunt is from marriage, it would be different, for instance mother's brother was called 'jiu' his wife called 'jiuma' Su Cheng Zhong - Yahoo! Shopping - Free CDs for thousands of Priority Shoppers!