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Weekly Vocab. #16

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 29, 2003, 17:20
1. to stand-- ningar
I am standing in the palace gate.
maningar ri findu punandula
I-stand  at  gate  palace

2. only-- usu. -po
I feel like I'm only an ant, staring up at the murals in awe.
me cakaçon ambun kiketpo, re tingas acandokni cakaçapat.
me/dat struck-by-feeling as-if "flea"-just, that look-at decoration-its

3. banana NO, pungoyor, a fruit, more like a mango
I've got a hankering for a ....right now.
me cakaçañuk (liri) pungoyor tatanju
me/dat overcome-by-longing (w.r.t). .... right now
(more colloq. without "liri")

4. excitement (not in this case)/ handato íntoxicated, stoned' (lit.
That first bite intoxicates me (in) my entire body
hanjikni angasi me yarukandato eningambri yunoni
mouthful-the first me/dat it-caus.-intox. body-my entire

5. blue-- kundele, tele
Blue four-sided triangles dance through my head.
makena akraciyon lire vorasitiç tele-- mo voraçni ha-- ikorandam ciyu-ciyur
riondeni falakami
I-suffer delusion w.r.t.-that triangles blue-- but sides-their four--
they-dance in-circles in-interior-of head-my

6. juice-- usu. su- (< sawu 'water')
That juice must have been past its prime.
suyemoni ciyoñi cakamando
juice-fruit-its seem-its overcome-by-maturity

7. better-- laleñ
No matter; it's better this way.
ta mola-mola, lálembo sañ
not value-value, better-just thus

8. distant -- nava
My hands are distant; the sky is close.
niluçmi inava, yamora neleni
hands/my they-far, it-near sky-its/the

9. unconscious-- lukeñ
I shall soon be unconscious.
cumicu maçulukendo
soon I-inch.-unconscious-fut.

10. rough -- sovo
I fall to the floor, my face scraping on the rough carpet.
macakróp ri kanine, katimi cakasovo linganini
I-fall-forward on(to) floor/dat, face-my overcome-by-rough(ness) carpet-gen.