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A small grammar of Lessinu/Leßinu/Läßinu/Läßin pt.1: Nouns

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 29, 2003, 19:29
Well, despite finding out at least two people had the same idea as me, I
decided to press on, regardless.

Lessinu(I'm using the far southern orthography, because that's the most
ASCII friendly) has three genders, two numbers, and two cases.  The cases
are inflected on the article, not the noun itself.

The Genders have the endings -u(m), -u(n), and -a(f), respectively.   In the
northern dialects, these are dropped. In the plural, these change
to -os, -a, and -as.  The neuter plural ending is dropped in the northern
dialects.  The article inflects for number, gender and case.

              'horse'          'monster'            'cat'
     Nom.Il Effu(S)    Il Monzeru(S)     La Fela(S)
              Il Eff(N)     Il Monzer(N)      La Fel(N)
     Gen.  Lei Effu(S) Lei Monzeru(S)  Lei Fela(S)
              Lei Eff(N)  Lei Monzer(N)    Lei Fel(N)

Nom pl. Los Effos    La Monzera(S)   Las Felas
                                La Monzer(N)
Gen pl    Lohr Effos  Lohr Monzera(S) Lohr Felas
                                Lohr Monzer(N)

So, 'the Monster's cats' is 'Las Felas lei Monzer(u).'

Exactly the same declension applies to indefinite articles:

                 (m)   (nt)  (f)
Nom         unu   unu  una 'a'
Gen          unei  unei  unei 'of a'

Nom. Pl   unos  una  unas 'some'
Gen. Pl    unohr unohr unohr 'of some'

So you see, the nouns are relatively simple...