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Re: half voiced (was: Digest Deux)

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 6, 2001, 23:53
From: "Tristan Alexander McLeay" <anstouh@...>
> At 07.56 p.m. 5.11.2001 -0500, Nick Taylor wrote: > >Tristan Alexander McLeay wrote: > > > So does this kind of stuff relate to why children say 'basketti' for > > > 'spaghetti'? > > > >I've heard pasketti, but I don't think I've heard basketti. > > I've heard them both. 'Basketti' seems to me to be the more popular, or at > least the one that sticks more.
It may be an antipodean thing. The 'pasketti' one is the only one I've ever heard. Usually spelled "pasghetti" (the one Google has listed most). *Muke!