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Re: Made some progress...

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Monday, July 8, 2002, 11:50
Christophe Grandsire scripsit:

> Makes me think of "Tocharian" (which makes me wonder: what is the origin of the > name "Tocharian" for those Eastern IE languages?).
On the basis of references in Old Turkic manuscripts to the speakers of this language as the "Twghry," (pronounced /toxri/) these people were identified as the Tocharoi, a tribe mentioned in classical Greek writings as having lived in Bactria (eastern Iran and Afghanistan) in the second century A.D. Thus, the language was called Tocharian [....] Although it is customarily pronounced /tokarian/ by English speakers, a more correct pronunciation is /toxarian/. [...] Whether or not the speakers of these dialects were truly the Tocharoi is open to debate. [...] Attempts to positively identify the Tocharians have thus far proved unsuccessful. However, the name of the language stuck and has survived to this day in the literature on the subject. -- This is a very interesting short article, BTW, which would certainly belong in the Conlang Journal except for the unfortunate fact that its contents are true.... -- John Cowan To say that Bilbo's breath was taken away is no description at all. There are no words left to express his staggerment, since Men changed the language that they learned of elves in the days when all the world was wonderful. --The Hobbit


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