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Re: New Arvorec words

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Thursday, June 7, 2001, 10:21
* Fabian <lajzar@...> [010606 20:17]:
> David Peterson wrote: > > I've always had the idea of writing a novel in which everyone > > is bisexual, and that this isn't mentioned, not even explained > > or alluded to much in anyway. The idea was some basic kind of > > Woody Allen love story, where a guy is trying to decide whether > > he wants to get together with this other guy or with this girl, > > and their's a girl wants to get together with the guy and a > > girl that wants to get together with the other girl, etc. It'd > > have something like a Shakespeare plot. But the main point > > would be how much the bisexuality is unexplained, and how > > natural I would make it seem. Of course, whether I ever > > actually write this novel or not has yet to be seen--it's > > number four in line right now. > > This has been done before. You might want to look at Chelsea Q > Yarbro's short story 'Allies', in her collection titled > 'Cautionary Tales'.
All stories have been done before and we are all copyists (aka. "pirates"). Now won't it be fun when nobody is allowed to create anything because it infringes with somebody long gone's copyright? t.