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mutatin'/mutilatin' Italian (was Re: Droppin' Ds)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 19:56
    Talking of "mutations to Spanish... since my conlang is a
pidgin-creole-like mutation of Italian... Do any of you have suggestions for
mutating/mutilating Italian?

    I already:
        - cut off [most of] the inflexions on verb-roots...
        - in complex/longer words, simplify the words/sounds to where the
Italian is              just barely there, if at all ...
        - lot more use of long /i:/ sounds...
        - also I have been converting:
                        _au_ & _ou_ ====> _o_...

        - and, oddly, a return of and use of the letter 'x' (as in  _ix_
{iks} and _:x:pariimano_ {eks})  [I think the influence of international
techno-scientific usage in an era of long-term crisis could create such
linguistic change... say like on a multi-generational spaceship fleeing

    Any additional suggested rules?