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Re: Construct case and genitive pronouns

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, August 29, 2005, 10:21

Patrick Littell <puchitao@...> writes:
>... > This pattern would be a bit strange, however, for *all* nouns. It's weird to > talk about a hand that doesn't or didn't belong to anyone, but to whom > belong clouds, centuries, and colors? I don't believe ANADEW, but I wouldn't > find it strange to find a language with two different state-marking > paradigms depending on the ownership-tendencies of the noun in question. >...
S11 does exactly that: it has inalienable and alienable construct state. The inalienable construct state will be missing for some nouns and also the absolutive state of others. There are four states in S11 since both construct states may be marked. The forms will be totally irregular, especially for the inalienable construct state, in order to make it easy to have missing forms. :-) Sorry that there are no examples yet, but I'm still struggling with the phonotactics details. Anyway, there are some abstract grammar descriptions and the morphology/syntax chapters show some of my ideas: Still in heavy flux. **Henrik