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Re: What're "agglutinating" and "isolating"? (was Re: Speedtalk attempts)

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 7, 1998, 14:31
Nik Taylor wrote:
> > Tom Wier wrote: > > (I suppose one > > could have _superfixes_ too, where the morpheme is a tonal change > > rather than a segmental sound change, but that's more theoretical, > > and AFAIK, no languages use this). > > There's are some, except it's called a "suprafix", for example Chatino:
In the Taishan dialect of Cantonese, pronouns are pluralized by changing the tone, but I can give no examples. For more information, see my Linguist List posting "Grammar by tones" at or other Linguist List archive sites. ObConlang: the examples in my original Linguist list query at are taken from -gua!spi, though with English morphemes. -- John Cowan You tollerday donsk? N. You tolkatiff scowegian? Nn. You spigotty anglease? Nnn. You phonio saxo? Nnnn. Clear all so! 'Tis a Jute.... (Finnegans Wake 16.5)