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Musical terms (Was: Playing the banjo (Was: Latin help))

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Sunday, September 9, 2007, 12:47
--- Douglas Koller <laokou@...> wrote:

> From: caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...> > > > Does anyone want to share his or her conlang words > for musical > > instruments and other musical terms? I'm always > looking to enrich > > the Senjecan vocabulary. I had a heck of a time > coming up with a > > word for "music." > > "Music," in Géarthnuns is "ösevöns."
> Seems to me I > was going to have at least four words for "play," > corresponding to the four musical groups (it is > four, isn't it? My LP, "Tubby the Tuba" and "A > Child's Guide to the Orchestra" are, alas, no more).
Funnily enough, so was I. Or at least, seperate words for "play" depending on whether you pluck/strum strings, blow into it or strike something.
> Lexicon appears to indicate I never got a roundtuit.
A pity. But I can't blame you, as neither did I.
> Still, there's "hezheshöth," meaning to play (a > piece of music), and "twan," meaning to play (a > scale). So all is not lost.
I have "xantur", meaning to sing, "duas", meaning a musical note or tone, "xanse", meaning a song, "axbat", meaning a musical instrument, and "xerrùr", meaning to play a stringed instrument. Then there's "zùer", meaning a piece of music, and "kùis", meaning a dirge, lament or fugue. And their derivative verbs: "zùerrùr" and "kùizùr". No musical instrument words at all beyond the generic term. But I've been working in other areas. Like I realised the other day that I didn't have a word for bitter or sour. Over 3200 words, and I can't say "Does this milk taste sour?"! Ah well, time to get to work... Geoff ===== Lost in thought - please send out search party ___________________________________________________________ Want ideas for reducing your carbon footprint? Visit Yahoo! For Good