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Eight Translation Sentences

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Friday, August 1, 2003, 18:24
Eight Sentences
1. This tavern isn't as good as it used to be.
Se gimabasa he wewa-me-jele fugegi
This tavern not past-in-like very sweet/fun

2. What are you doing? I told you to leave them where they were!
Feba heleha jo-mi-hi? Seba feba-de veha-fe wihevejo-mi hana-me
*welebo-gi-bi wituvaro.
You what do-ing-query? I you-to thing-s were stand-ing place-in
leave-to-must ordered.

3. I would embrace the world if I could.
Seba naha *gichebo-vi-ki-hli here jo-ji-hli
I world embrace-will-want if do-can-would (subjunctive marker)
(More native order: Here jo-ji-hli, seba naha gichebo-vi-ki-hli.
                      If do can subjunctive,I world

4. The cat ate the mouse I gave her like a tiger (would).
Difabofa vekifa-de seba-je ko-si *digagofa pibifa-*jelu wigo.
Cat f.animal-to me-by given mouse tiger-as ate.

5. Yes, I've heard you, and no, I don't want to buy it.
Seba vu nifeba wihlo, ge he, seba se ha lavebo-gi he givajo.
I truly (low) you heard, and no, I this thing buy-to not desire.

6. Welcome! Here's your room key. ---Thank you.---You're welcome.
Niseba tifeba-be nu *kuhanado. Se tifeba-ye basadiha-ye *leveja.--Ku
ko-si.---Tifeba ku wido.
(Low)I (High) you-to humbly welcome. This (high) your room-of key --Kindly
given--(High) you kindly received.

7. Sir, could I please have a glass of water?
Tifeba niseba-de ma-ye maja ku ko-vi-hi?
(High) you (low) me-to water-of cup kindly give-will-query?

8. Hifeba-ye dakoka velakaja.
(Bad) you-of mother prostitute.

Note: velakaja is a very rude word for prostitute, roughly "price-vagina."
The polite term ("courtesan" or "geisha") is giyoka, roughly "love-woman"
Giyo is the polite verb meaning "to make love"

General comment: I revised these sentences extensively, trying to find a more
"natural"  Rihana-ye word order, instead of my usual English-influenced word

John Leland