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Week 16 Exercise

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Friday, August 1, 2003, 22:07
Week 16 Exercise


1.I am standing in the palace entry.
Seba tibasa-ye leveha-me hevejo-mi
I palace-of entrance-in standing

2. I feel like I'm only an ant, gazing up at the murals in awe.
*Libasatheha-fe-be nu lecho-mi seba hefe *dinirafa-jele 8mevajo.
Beautifulwalls-(up)to humbly gazing, I only smalllowinsect-like feeling.

3. I've got a hankering for a banana right now.
Seba ze *zaliga givajo-mi.
I now banana desiring.
Note:I considered using banana as a loanword--it would fit the Rihana-ye
soundpattern--but in
Rihana-ye it would mean "man/earth/earth." Zaliga means "sun color fruit."

4. That first bite sends jolts of excitement through my bones.
Vese by-i *godiha seba-ye *fomisa-fe-le giva-ye *bithoha-fe *velebo.
That first eatpart my livingstones-through joy-of fiercetouches

5. Blue four-sided triangles dance through my head.
Tali fy-*theha-i *dytheha-fe seba-ye vaja-le kuvejo.
Blue four side-adj. threesidething-s my head-through dance.

6. That juice must have been past its prime.
Vese *gama veha-ye *fugegiwa-ve wi-bi
That juice its besttastetime-beyond was-must.
Note:"wi-bi" is the past verb prefix and imperative verb suffix without an
intervening verb.
I just discovered this construction as a way of dealing with the absence of a

7. No matter; it's better this way.
He *chevajo-bi; se ha fugegi se joha-me.
Not abouthink-must; this thing verysweet this form-in.

8. My hands are distant, the sky is close.
Seba-ye boja-fe rethe; ta sethe.
My hands far; sky near.

9.I shall soon be unconscious.
Seba diwa-ve *hevajo-i.
I smalltime-beyond notthink-adj.

10. I fall to the floor, my face scraping on the rough carpet.
Seba *basaneha-de no, seba-ye *vevaja *hutho-i *basanebate-te dijijo-mi.
I housebase-to fall, my headfront badlyfeel-adj. houselowcloth-above

John Leland