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Words of derogetory nature.

From:Michael Adams <michael.adams1@...>
Date:Monday, May 8, 2006, 0:13
But on to conlang topics.. How full is a conlang with out words
for derogetory things? Social differences, why we have words
like Lord/Lady, Your Majesty and like words. Also for places of
torment to places of bliss and happiness..I know my conlang or
one of them, was based on the relationship of the speaker to the
item or things being done.

Up/Down/Left/Right/In/Out and such.

Thing = living, dead, never living

Actions = positive or negative or neutral?

Position in things. Equals, below or above? Social order for

Person who is in control, like that cashier behind the desk.

How do you describe things, when you talk to someone else?

Someone in your family, social group, friends, enemies.

I know some terms are held back, out of respect, or to not let
your enemies know how you feel, the old "never let your enemies
know you are enemies, until they are  mounted on your wall"..

Familiar, vs unfamiliar. Informal vs Formal forms.. Personnel vs
what others say. For me, proud to be a Mic, Mix Blood
(AmerIndian included), Pommy, Wacko Wierdo, Mutant, Geek, Nerd,
it is who I am.

What else, sorry, getting to this, got to remember to be more
awake when posting.. Got to get more sleep..


PS: Heh, got to give them credit, they worked hard to get
there.. It means that there is something here in the US that
they want so bad to risk, death and more..  My dad, far as I can
tell from things, served as a linguist for the US Army, Special
Forces, one of his jobs far as I can tell, was to infiltrate
another country to gather intelligence. So I have a high regard
for anyone who dares to win, to not stay home but do things to
make things better.  Yes, I know of the negative parts, but I
know from history, those who grow complacent often fall, to be
replaced by those who dares to win. Social upward and downward
mobility, rank/position is not hereditary, atleast normally. Not
as bad as say the persons leaving East Germany and like, or
China today..  Or Cuba. But, why is it such an evil term? We
often say how great our immigrant history was..  I know my
ancestors, left Ireland and England. From reports, one just
ahead of Cromwells army.. The others, well, how many people
forget the others who was slaves, or indentured. Like the old
joke about the term Boss, cause the Irish was often to proud to
call their masters, master like the others, from
black/asian/indian/amerindians/white and others..  Living in
denial is fun.. Slavery is slavery.

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> >--- In, Michael Adams
> >wrote: > > >Like the term "Wet Back" is degrading, but if you look at the > >hard work the persons being called, it. Would it be a word of > >pride? After all, if you work hard, you often work up a
> >So far not so. But .. > > It is my understanding that the term "wetback" refers to the
fact that
> the person has just swum the Rio Grande, not to the fact that
he or she
> is sweating from hard work. > > Charlie