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PIE Soundchanges - Grassman & Bartholomae

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Monday, May 8, 2006, 0:36
I know there's some controversy about how exactly Grassman's and
Barthlomae's laws took place, but I'm working on Thagojian 2.0, and I
*think* I've come up with a way to succinctly express a wild stab at
something approaching them. How does this look...?

Ch > C / ChV? _ s
Ch > C / _ VCh
(C)h(C) > ($1)($2)h

Actually, Henrik: are rules like that third one allowed in SCH files? More
to the point, given the syllable-based approach of SCH, is a rule like
that even easily to implement across syllable borders?



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