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Re: TECH HELP: Deleted Sentences from Translation Exercise Page!

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Sunday, January 30, 2005, 22:53
Emaelivpeni Arthaey Angosii:
> I went to add Intergermansk's link to my translation exercises page, > only to discover, to my horror, that I had deleted all the standalone > sentences from the page some time last night. > > I know from my server logs that several of you visited my page before > I deleted the Sentences section. Could some kind soul please look > through their browser cache and help me resurrect the sentences? (The > HTML source would be best, but I'll certainly take the rendered text > too, if that's all you can find.) I would be MOST appreciative and > grateful. > > I offer my gratitude and an Asha'ille word coined in your honor as reward! ;)
Isaac Penzev and Krista Casada both offered to help me out of my mess. Thanks to both of you! ObConlang: two new Asha'ille words, as promised: _kristath_ ['kr\IstAT] adj. "good-intentioned" _aizak_ ['AizAk] adj. "bail-outting," ie of one who helps bail someone out of their own mess :) -- AA (watch the Reply-To!)