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OT: NGE (was Re: OT: Anime (was Re: conlang greetings?))

From:Hiroshi Kato <hkato@...>
Date:Saturday, December 1, 2001, 14:06
From: "Henrik Theiling" <theiling@...>

> Hi! > > Sorry for lengthening the OT discussion, but what exactly was > controversion in NGE? > > I just found it quite incomprehensible (and yes, I just meant the last > two episodes that were totally weird, the others only seemed as if > something needed clarification, which wasn't given in the end). > > **Henrik
If you heve an environment to access to websites in Japanese, gives a pretty good sketch of how NGE controvercy developed in Japan. In short, the situation was that lots of people started to critisize the director of NGE, Hideaki Anno, for the 'bad' quality of last two episodes, leaving almost all 'mysteries' open.( of course in their eyes, not in my view ) And in addition to this, the director's apparent (but not at all obvious) theme in NGE was kind of 'criticizing' Wotaku culture ( i.e. Anime fan mentality ) in Japan (including Yaoi. For the definition of Yaoi, please refer to This website is good. Enjoy! ) Not in good English but simply put, his message was " Why are you indulging Anime? Why don't you face reality?" So I can hardly imagine this didn't cause any controvercy. Hiro