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Plato's cave in Draseliq, Part 2

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 7, 1999, 0:45
Well, this was tougher than the first part. Lots of
embedded clauses here... Terrible confusion in my head... :)
My language cortex is now set to VSO mode and it's not nice.

 "=C1useft  ei=E9m  anth", b=FCk  Soimol, "taus =E1useft  s=EDqumonth."
  strange image this   said Grey     and  strange prisoners

 "Rrap siarhadh", anth b=F9rt.
  like we.GRP     this said.I

_anth_ "this" is often used as a resumptive, to
remember the hearer of a previous thing. In English
we would say "I said at this" =3D "reacting to this".

 "Per nailek s=EDqumonth m=FCl  getin h=E8gn,
  for see.3p prisoners only back  wall.ACC

 thurfarnailek  eddhras=FCr   renthn,
 POS.NEG.see.3p walkway.LOC men.ACC

As you see, the locative can modify a NP:
_eddhras=FCr renthn_ "the men in the walkway".
POS means possibilitive.

 muinsil fret temb=FC'rthn   su rrap b=FCrth i s=EDqumonhadh.
 equally not  RFX.they.ACC or like they  * prisoners.GRP

_rrap b=FCrth i s=EDqumonhadh_ "like them prisoners" =3D
=3D "the prisoners like them, their fellow prisoners".

 Anth tadh,   gi         mer=FCr     n=FCp,
 this however because-of mouth.LOC fire     // mouth =3D entrance

 g=E8n    thunailek  miatht  sauranthn
 indeed POS.see.3p tangled shadows.ACC

 en eddhras=FCr   renth mi  en kof    rulek=20
 by walkway.LOC men   and by things carry.3p

 b=FCntth   l=E1ktimpal b=FCtth.=20
 them.REL caused    they.REL

"They *can* see the tangled shadows caused by
the men and by the things that they carry."

 L=FCthek  fanth sauranth dh=E9nersel taikthes
 make.3p these shadows  moving    bodies.GEN

 rin  kofes      timegtheng.
 with things.GEN snakes.COMP.ACC       // with =3D and

Idiom here: _timegtheng_, from _tim=E9g_ "snake".
The comparative case makes a noun into a noun or
an adjective/adverb that means "like..." or=20
"similar to...", but it's almost obsolete. This
word is nearly a fossil meaning "a tangle, something
like a lot of snakes put together".

 Anth =E4t, be vel   s=EDqumonth matsnitek   =E4d  =E4nd,
 this so  if among prisoners one-another

 takes=EDkener        kek=E1laiek       l=FC'thaiek=20
 Yes.QRY.suppose.2s QRY.think.3pFUT make.3pFUT

The QueRY marker is _ke-_, used to make yes-no questions.
Here _ta-_ is added to show "yes" is the expected answer.
There's a serial verb construction here again:

 "they'll think (and) they'll make" =3D=20
 =3D "they'll invent with their minds"

 thundnien afli=E4ntel =E1useftel sauranth i dheadhanthn
 name.OBJ  different strange  shadows  * kinds.ACC

 nailek b=FCntth   i thunthn,
 see.3p them.REL * names.ACC

This phrase means "(invent >) [to name the different kinds
of strange shadows that they see] > names". The whole
"objective" clause must come before the noun, "names".

 kef=E9ndavaiek      k=F3nisek kof    th=FAndundeik b=FCntth?"
 QRY.believe.3pFUT real.3p things name.DUP.3p them.REL

DUP =3D reduplication, with a dynamic meaning.

Coming soon: the third part.

--Pablo Flores

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