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Re: Mutable R's

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 25, 2003, 3:07
From: "Arthaey Angosii" <arthaey@...>

> When I started out, /r/ was my American rhotic [r\] with occasional
> trilling [r] influence around consonant clusters. Then I took German 101 > and I began noticing my Asha'illen R's going toward the uvular [R\] (or is > it just [R]? I'm unsure). Once I realized what was going on, the R's > decided to try disappearing altogether British R-drop style. > > Help! > > Maybe some R-statistics would be of help in convincing the Asha'illen R to > settle down. Or other people's experiences. Or something. Anything! :(
How many rhotics are there in Asha'ille? I have two conlangs in the works with the extremes: LANKA with no rhotics (except as a possible allophone of /l/), and Tech with alveolar trill, alveolar tap, retroflex flap, and the pseudo-rhotic voiced uvular fricative and retroflex-class affricates, nasal, lateral and semivowel -- all with palatized, labialized, and possibly voiceless-aspirated and glottalized variants. I gravitate towards the alveolar trill/tap myself for most languages by default. Maybe it's that Scottish blood in me.


Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>