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CHAT: WPs for conlangs [was: CHAT: Microsoft]

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Monday, January 26, 2004, 11:57
Barbara Babbles;

Operating systems; It's like VHS vs Betamax, the "best" system had nought to
do with which won out alas ;-)

However, be that as it may, if you're computing on a budget one is kinda
stuck with Windoze(TM) ; so my question is which windoze compatable WP is
most useful for conlangers?

Pre NT based systems I could use Locoscript; a lovley little WP each font of
which included all the oddball european letters (ing, thorn, eth, ash,
othala, etc etc), every letter of the greek alphabet (including diagamma and
koppa) and every letter of the Russian alphabet, along with symbols which
covered more that half of the IPA. Another function was that Locoscript
alowed about 30 diacritics which could be added to *any* character (EG to
get an acute over any letter at all one pressed CNTL E and then the letter
you wanted - j + acute, or w+ acute for example). And you'd a dozen odd
fonts to choose from too.

The downside was that Loco could only be read by loco, so if you wanted to
share anything "exotic" one had to print it out, scan in, and FWD the
graphic of the page.

I've found out that Loco can work on the same computer as XP etc if instaled
in C's root directory, but it will not interact with windoze at all.

Anyway, anyone out there know of an equally versitile WP that'd work with



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