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Re: ng vs w

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Friday, April 4, 2003, 12:45
Tristan ikrí:

> alexandre lang wrote: > > >> Yitzik votes for /w/ :-)) > >> ...and kill the /v/! > > > > > > Ah, and why should the /v/ be killed? > > Because Yitzik doesn't like them. Not everything has a reason :)
1. You are right, I don't like them. 2. The lang I use most of time (Ukrainian) has no [v]s. Common Slavic phoneme /v/ is realized as [B_o] before vowels, [w] before consonants and in auslaut after vowels (where it can appear also < CS hard /l/), and [v_0] in auslaut after two voiceless consonants: - |trava| [t4a"B_oa] "grass" - |krov| [k4Ow] "blood" - |siv| [s_jiw] "he sat down" (< cf. Ru. |se^l|) - |lavka| ["lawka] "bench" - |vovk| [B_oOwk] "wolf" (cf. Ru. |volk|) - |verstv| [B_oE4stv_0] "of layers" ( -- Yitzik