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conculture issues [cross-posted]

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 17, 1999, 19:32
It was me that suggested a conculture list, and cc-ed to John as a
tacit nudge for him to set one up from I suggested it
as principally for conlangers, as I was aware of the World-Building
and World-Design lists (I subscribe to the latter), which cater to
RPG people and to people whose principal interest is in creating
worlds (and not, I have observed, languages at all). FWIW, I have
found, say, Kristian's purely concultural posts to Conlang far more
pertinent to my interests than anything I have read on World-Design
(which I've been too busy to read for some months).

I'm aware that many messages to Conlang blend language and culture
(e.g. many of Matt's), but I also remember being (justly, I think)
omplained at (by Mark Line) when I sent to Conlang a post describing
nothing but Livagian football. I'd quite like a forum where I could
discuss Livagian and, say, Boreanesian footy without fear of pissing
other subscribers off. True, a CONCULTURE tag on Conlang might help,
to the extent that people used it [I can never remember what the tags
are], but I know that a hefty number of people have unsubscribed from
Conlang because of the excessively heavy traffic. Even messages you
delete unread take time and disk quota.