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R: Re: R: Re: erg/abs; verbs.

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Friday, March 17, 2000, 17:42
Padraic wrote:

> > >*Every* Indoeuropean language uses those endings: > >Latin has NOM lupus ACC lupum > >Greek has NOM kalòs ACC kalòn < *kalòm > >Sanskrit the same and so on. > > Every? This one doesn't. ;)
Touché (is it right to write it so?)! But even English has couples as NOM who ACC whom, and if you look at English's relatives, some of them (Icelandic; German adjectives decline with pronominal endings, but I think a descendent of ACC -m can be found in the ACC of male singoular adj., -n) retain a case system based on the protoIE desinences. Luca Mangiat