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HUMOUR: Termite Manifesto

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Thursday, February 20, 2003, 7:22
In a message dated 2003:02:15 10.49.03 PM, my shrink "brainmap" writes:

>THE TERMITE MANIFESTO > >Why we must practice termite politics > >1. When confronted by a rigid structure, a termite knows >only a simple, local rule to guide it through: Keep chewing. > >2. Except in inaccessible and exotic climates, termites >do not build monuments. > >3. Termites feel no obligation to communicate, only to >not interfere with one another's chewing. > >4. The end of the termite's work is inevitable. > >5. The path the termite chooses to that end is unpredictable. > >6. Although individually a termite is an Ur-mite, collectively >the termite is mighty. > >7. Termites are not dominated by gravity. > >8. Termites combine work and play in the same indomitable >action: chewing. > >9. Both the Yin of the termite's ingestion and >the Yang of the termite's excretion are volatile, >that is to say, enzymatic. > >10. The termite creates negative space from wooden structures. > >11. The termite is naturally a perfected evolutionary >form. Therefore, it has never been eradicated. > >12. The termite is just complex enough to get the job >done. > >13. The termite's methods are always guided by >the structure it inhabits. > >14. Termites chew slowly, but in all directions at once. > >15. No single termite matters. > >16. Termites reproduce themselves. > >17. Anything that chews on wood is the termite's >ally. > >18. Termites tunnel from the outside in and from the >inside out. > >19. The Orkin person must always fail when confronted >by committed termites. > >20. The termite's homeland and battleground are >the same. Thus it is an implacable foe. > >21. Termites evolve in such a way so as to minimize the >forces against them. > >22. Termites by their very nature embrace freedom and >multiplicity. > >23. Termites constantly gnaw away at their own boundaries. > >24. Termites leave nothing in their wake except traces >of enthusiastic, assiduous and messy behavior. > >25. A termite's project is nothing if not extreme, >contentious, conflicted and ambivalent. > >26. Termites transmogrify politics into politics-as-network. > >27. The termite's history is pulp fiction. > >28. The termite arena is a multi-dimensional space in >which a variety of politics, none of them original, blend and clash. > >29. Termites (de)center all counter narratives by making >them true and untrue. > >30. Because termite politics is viewed as both a movement >and a perfume, and, as both an intellectual disposition and >a bowl of fruit, it has no chance to survive. > >31. The current reactionary political climate dominated >by economies in received forms does not indicate the >death of termite politics as much as the persistence of >the market in defining hierarchies of dominance and >submission. > >32. The end of termite politics, of gnawing ever onward, >is a period of an epoch, the end, completion, conclusion, >cessation, culmination, closure. >Or not.
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