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Conlang control (was: Re: Maidzhen Klaish - webpage update)

From:Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Thursday, February 20, 2003, 11:20
Andreas Johansson wrote:

> This is discovery in the sense that it's what I > end up with when I apply my own rules - I do take the view that I invent, > rather than "discover", my conlangs.)
That's my view as well. I want control over my conlang. But the more I work on my project, the less control I get and it takes a life on its own. Yes, this has been discussed endlessly on this list, but it's still very fascinating. For instance, I keep want to pronounce my newest conlang /pia"ta/ instead of /pi"ata/, i.e. with final stress. What am I gonna do? Change the stress rule? I could see which words get the final stress and work out a rule from there. Possibly, this final stress arose in my head due to my adding a bunch of possible clusters. So _piahta_ would be /pi"ahta/ but _piata_ would be /pia"ta/. Hmm... Well, this is only one of several things that makes me think I've lost control of Piata. Oh well. Back to work. Daniel Andreasson