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verb tenses of nouns (was Re: Newbie says hi)

From:Jake X <alwaysawake247@...>
Date:Sunday, November 3, 2002, 15:10
> >Now I'm looking into Mohawk, > >thanks to some suggestions from this list, where most of the nouns seem > >to be built out of verbs - > > Is that where for instance "house" can be put into different tenses - past > tense house = "ruins" etc.? I suppose you could use the past tense of > "parrot" in that Monty Python sketch :) >
I have thought about that idea before (I love Monty Python!). I was thinking that the infinitive could denote a general class of noun, for example "to bird" would be to fall into the category of bird, or to be the essence of the bird. Jake