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"new" old conlang stuff

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Sunday, November 3, 2002, 23:12
i was looking for some information in one of the notebooks i use to write
conlanging stuff in and i found some information about some of my (very)
early conlangs.

one thing i found was a short bit of 'manerau' [m_0@nER\au], from which
kono and funarja are descended.  B@nErau is the language reconstructed
from kono, funarja, and loan words in kontoko.  the only problem is, i
wrote it a LONG time ago, and then copied it several years later (after i
had forgotten most of the script), so i don't know what it says.  i am
uploading an image of the text to my web site
(  i have figured out some of the
letters, so i have 'VmV CVVnV sV mV CVCVV', where 'C' represents a
consonant and 'V' represents a vowel.  i guess manerau is actually my
first and conlang and has the longest continuous existence of any of my
conlangs (i'm still working on it, but rather slowly now - kontoko takes
up a lot of time and kinsi rorotan takes up most of the rest...), but it
is still not very complete (a phrase that i can't read and several words
and a bit of grammar reconstructed/invented from kono and funarja).

also, i found an overview of senoi (a tolklang that i made) and an early
overview of kamele (both before the manerau text was copied, definitely
after it was originally written).  i also found the overview of a
language i made with 18 noun cases, 4 numbers (singular, dual, triple,
and plural), 10 verb tenses, 10 moods, 21 personal pronouns, 6
demonstrative pronouns, and 14 relative pronouns.  here are 1/3 of all
the possible forms of the word _kaoþ_ [gaoT] 'man' (i just created this
word, after deciding to revive this project):

kaoþ            [gaoT]
kaoþt           [gaoTt]
kaonþ           [gaonT]
keøþr           [ge2TR]

kåoþ            [gOoT]
kåoþt           [gOoTt]
kåoþn           [gOoTn]
keøþr           [ge2TR]

kaoþn           [gaoTn]
kaoþnt  [gaoTnt]
kaoþnd  [gaoTnd]
keøþrn  [ge2TRn]

kaoþs           [gaoTs]
kaoþst  [gaoTst]
kaoþns  [gaoTns]
keøþrs  [ge2TRs]

kaoþf           [gaoTf]
kaoþfat [gaoTfat]
kaoþfan [gaoTfan]
keøþfer [ge2TfEr]

kaoþssa [gaoTs:a]
kaoþssat        [gaoTs:at]
kaoþssan        [gaoTs:an]
keøþsser        [ge2Ts:er]

what do you all think?

Robert Wilson (aka Elentirno Perellar aka Kuvazokad)
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I yessessë Eru ontanë Menel ar Cemen.
I yessessë ëa Quetta ar Quetta né as Eru ar Eru né Quetta.


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