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Re: Spanish-related question ((q)SVO ?):question words

From:takatunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Sunday, September 26, 2004, 8:44
In Tunu, the question word "mari" precedes the word in question:

Kamu amari tumunai kasu? Do you eat fish?
You do-yes-or-no eat fish?

Mari kamu atumunai kasu? Is it you who eats fish?
Yes-or-no you do-eat fish?

Kamu atumunai mari kasu? Is it fish that you eat?
You do-eat yes-or-no fish?

Kama aruninai marinai ukamu atumunai kasu. He knows whether you eat fish.
He does-know yes-or-no-i.e. that-you eat fish.

What/which is mana:

Kamu atumunai kasu mana? What fish do you eat?


John Leland <Lelandconlang@...> wrote:
In Rihana-ye, questions are indicated by adding the suffix -hi to verbs:
Feba mafa wigo-hi?
You fish ate-query?
Means "Did you eat the fish?"
John Leland