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Consistency in vowel sysem

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 3, 2004, 3:40
Andreas Johansson wrote:

>>>>a [a] ä [9] >>>>e [e] ë [E] >>>>i [i] >>>>o [o] ö [O] >>>>u [u] ü [y]
> Since Latin obeys that universal 'bout spreading its vowels evenly over the > vowel tetragon, pretty much any vowel is going to be within one or two steps > from one of the ones with a Latin letter for it.
> But fairly many will expect 'ö' to refer to what they don't know is a front > mid rounded vowel, and 'ä' to something e-like. Switching 'ö' and 'ä' would > leave you with only one atrociously spelt vowel.
Well, this roman script for Shaquelingua was supposed to have been invented by a bunch of shaquean linguists. An Human shouldn't come and say "It's all wrong". ;-) Here's my new proposal: i [i] ì [y] u [u] í [e] o [o] ë [E] è [9] ó [O] a [a] So the acute accent means more opened and the grave accent means less frontness (more backness?). The trema of [E] is just to make clear that it's never a mute "e". lakoth'rja bí-tókyoí gèrh'frë ! [lakot_h^xja be:^tOkHoe g9x_h^fxE] (negative-imperative-future-indicative)'thou wrong (immaterial quality into)'(global resumptive) = Don't say that this is wrong! ;-) See ya, ===================== Remi Villatel =====================


Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>