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Re: Brace Yourselves! A Song in Jovian! (~700 kB MP3)

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 5, 2003, 9:44
--- In, daniel andreasson
<danielandreasson@S...> wrote:
 > Roger Mills wrote:
 > > Christian Thalmann wrote:
 > > >    Iosu Crist' fi nadu.
 > > Not at all sure, and I don't remember Jovian phonology--
 > > but is it "Iosu" in line 2?  I heard something closer to
 > > [jez@] or  [jEz@] (but it might have been correct?? [jöz@],
 > > I'm not good with rounded front vowels)
 > Hehe. I heard the same, and I'm very good with rounded front
 > vowels. /2::::::::::::::::::::/ See? :)
 > So, Christian, do we get some kind of prize or are we both
 > way off?

Hmmm, no, I wasn't thinking of that.  |Iosu| is supposed
to be pronounced ['i@z@], and the recording appears to be
consistent with this.

Hint:  It's got something to do with mutations.
Other hint:  The lenition in |audi doemi| is correct.

-- Christian Thalmann