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Brace Yourselves! A Song in Jovian! (~700 kB MP3)

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 5, 2003, 0:20
Here's a recording of a sweet little Christmas Carol for
with I've written some Jovian lyrics.  I'm afraid I don't
know the author of the melody or the original lyrics.

Anyway, the original lyrics were:

   Puer nobis nascitur
   Rector angelorum.
   In hoc mundo pascitur
   Dominus dominorum.

The Jovian ones are a bit different, but try to keep the
Christmas spirit intact...

   Auze ed gauze, o beoda naedsone
   Iosu Crist' fi nadu.
   I ere notter salbaedsone:
   Audi Doemi lehadu.

Which means more or less:

   Listen and rejoice, o happy nation
   Jesus Christ is born.
   He shall be our salvation:
   [The] High Lord's emissary.

And finally, here's the MP3 file.  I'm afraid it has some
traces of background noise that weren't present in the
Audacity source file...  I have no idea why it occurs,
though.  Maybe something messy happens when it mixes the
four tracks together.

Feedback, as always, greatly welcomed.

-- Christian Thalmann

PS:  I just noticed that I've mispronounced a letter in
the song.  A hundred points extra for the one who finds
out which one!  (Warning: Nontrivial)


Roger Mills <romilly@...>