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CHAT: The importance of watching soap operas

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Thursday, February 8, 2001, 22:00
Yoon Ha wrote:

> In the book _Emotional Intelligence_ "EQ" is defined as something > like ability to handle your own and other people's emotions, which > naturally includes a lot of social skill stuff. It doesn't seem to > have to do necessarily with *being* emotional. OTOH I haven't read > that book in years. <shrug>
Interestingly enough, today's Dilbert strip (in the calendar) goes like this: [ Dilbert is lying in a sofa and Dogbert is standing on one side with a stop-watch in his hand. ] Dogbert: "Don't mind the stop-watch. I'm testing my theory that people get dumber every minute." Dilbert: "It's not so simple, Dogbert. You also have to consider my "Emotional Intelligence," which is defined in a book I haven't read." [ Dogbert stops his stop-watch. ] Dogbert: "Twelve seconds." Dilbert: "Give me that watch, you hog!" :-P daniel, told just yesterday that he was good at "hanging out" with people. Both high IQ and high EQ? Could it be? :-P ;-) -- <> QHEIL RYNENYA ALANDEA <> <> <> RINYA LAWEA <> Daniel Andreasson <>