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OT: mea culpa! (was: I'm Just Sic [sic.], Peeves: (was: Re: OT: graffitum))

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Thursday, August 2, 2007, 11:32
Eugene Oh wrote:
> 2007/8/1, R A Brown <ray@...>: > >>Douglas Koller wrote:
> Er, I thought he'd meant the French were overanalysing, albeit in a > direction opposite to what happened to "pease" and "cerise". And the > following phrase as just a general ironic comment.
You're absolutely right. Catching up on three and half days' emails after two train journeys on a hot August afternoon was not one of my brightest ideas :=( Douglas & I have exchanged emails privately and I have apologized to him for my quite inappropriate response to his s(c)htick. I apologize also to the list - I should've checked that my caffeine level was back to normal before even thinking of reading the mails ;) Mea culpa! -- Ray ================================== ================================== Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu. There's none too old to learn. [WELSH PROVERB]