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Re: OT: I'm Just Sic [sic.], Peeves: (was: Re: OT: graffitum)

From:Eugene Oh <un.doing@...>
Date:Thursday, August 2, 2007, 9:06
2007/8/1, R A Brown <ray@...>:
> Douglas Koller wrote: > > From: R A Brown <ray@...> > > > >>No, as a plural, surely, just like the French do: 'les spaghettis'. We > >>had a French student staying with us once who habitually carried this > >>habit over into English and, when cooking, would tell us the "The > >>spaghetties are ready." Note also the plural verb - which would be used > >>in Italian also. > > > > > > I could live with this, sans "s". Man, talk about overanalyzing. > > I go away for three days and come back to this grouchy rubbish!!!! > > You may talk about over-analyzing - *I WAS NOT*. >
> Ray.
Er, I thought he'd meant the French were overanalysing, albeit in a direction opposite to what happened to "pease" and "cerise". And the following phrase as just a general ironic comment. Eugene


R A Brown <ray@...>mea culpa! (was: I'm Just Sic [sic.], Peeves: (was: Re: OT: graffitum))