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Weekly vocab 5 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 5:44
Trying to use everyday colloq. ("bad") Kash...

1. vacation prefaç
I had two weeks of vacation
yalesa prefaçmi anjuni ro telo (for _ro trelo_)
there-was my-vacation its-time 2 week

2. ocean roçe, but better 'beach'  hacu
cosami hacun (for macosa ri hacuwe)
go-my beach/acc.   (I-go loc. beach/dat.)

3. rain ripa
pando ripani, niya ronekni
a-lot rain-its, very cold-its

4. market fale
The open-air market remained open, though, and I had fun haggling.
mowa fale umut lusok yapaha, me ilongo proca-procañ
but market public follow it-open, me/dat lively/fun bargaining

5. ripoff cakaprocañ 'get the short end of the stick in bargaining'
I was the victim of many ripoffs, to the amusement of the vendors.
nunu me cakaprocañ, iyu çulolok praleleni
often me/dat ......, that  amuse   vendor-pl-dat-its=the

6. drunk pepuk
I became drunk on the obligatory tourist-unfriendly drink
maçupepuk umi puhi ecak, iyu ñupindi kundi kandoliye
I-became-drunk drink liquor village, that usually harmful visitor/dat

7. to vomit yuçak
pando me cakuçak
a-lot me/dat overcome-by-vomiting

8. temple areyal
masambi tolimi ri areyalaç re pando riyan
pleasant-my visit-my loc.temple-pl REL. many there

9.  money toye
toyemi yamét ri lusni trelo angunjo
money-my all-gone loc. end-its week half

10. to return maçan
I had to return on foot.
maçambi, macayi haran
return-my, I-had-to walk

11. blister taronji 'little swelling' < tarom swollen
I am covered in blisters
me cakena taronjiçi
me/dat suffer-in a bad way  little-swellings/gen.
(actually I'm not sure Kash can get sunburnt, because of their fur-- unless
the blisters were an after-affect of the drinking-- or more likely on the
feet eh???)