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CHAT: programming langs

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 16, 1999, 0:48
Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote:

> A bit like Spinrad's sprog propre: You can write in your own dialect, > using the constructions you like and trust, but to read someone else's > code you have to know all the tricks.
I haven't heard about that one ... Spinrad as in science fiction?
> Besides, ever tried the original Lotus 1-2-3? Back before PCs had > mice? (Or SuperCalc, but I'm not that old).
I've always found it easier to write a little program than figure out how somebody else's does or doesn't work ... Often a Perl 1-liner is sufficient. But that's getting far afield.
> (There is actually a CHAT: in the Subject:, but it's gotten dislocated > from the front... does the ListServ subject filter catch it anyway?)
I was hoping for some new thoughts on how to talk to the computer. We've had shells and GUIs, neither is sufficient, everybody really wants some form of speech recognition. So what's the syntax and semantics of it? I'm just wondering. -- As they say in Tepa: hike waipettu.