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OFFLIST Re: OFF-TOPIC: Non linguistics books by Chomsky

From:Trebor Jung <treborjung@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 1:20
You wrote:

"I hope not. :) I honestly wasn't trying to start a discussion on the
politics of Chomsky, I was just surprised that he had written any books on
politics... most academics I know at the university are pretty single
mindedly obsessed with their subject of expertise most of the time.

I see. This is not necessarily true, however. Mark Rosenfelder, Justin B.
Rye, Herman Miller, and myself - all of us interested in language - are also
interested in politics...

"Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned I agreed with the views presented in his
book. :)

We can discuss such things if you like; I won't explain my political views
right now (it'd take too long...). I'll just say that I have a whole bunch
of problems with how things are going these days...
may be of interest to you. It's much better than what we get through local
media (or at least in my area, and I live in Canada), which rarely report,
for example, Iraqi civilian deaths. I haven't seen anything on the incursion
of Rafah by the Israeli army from local media either. :|:|:|
is my source of knowledge for the terrible crimes perpetrated there.