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Re: Report on Albacon

From:David G. Durand <dgd@...>
Date:Monday, October 19, 1998, 14:25
Sally Caves wrote:
>> I even thought of two new questions along the lines of >>power and control... such as what percentage of us on Conlang prefer to >>invent rather than learn a conlang.
Me, for sure. I'm terrible at the memorization of vocabulary, probably because I have never found the right way to learn it, or perhaps because the only way to learn it is that way that I've tried, which always bores me into doing something else... But I love to read grammars, and make them up... And I love the interplay of sounds and rules, especially regular rules that make irregular appearing results.
>>The second question that was an obvious one to >>ask and I didn't was: how many of you invented scripts to go with your >>conlang?
I always do, in fact, I usually have many more scripts of one sort or another floating around than I do languages. My Dapnant project is up to 3, but i think I may steal one of them for a new langauge (as yet untitled) that I'm liking much better on it's own merits. Since I've always wanted to create beautiful nooks in imaginary languages, I always want to make a writin system. That's a project that always gets barely started, because I keep finding a new lanuage or script before I get fully underway. I keep meaning to scan in a bunch of scripts for the website, but I keep putting it off.. On the other hand, I'm putting it off to write my thesis, so that's all to the good. I donotice that scripts are the only thing that I develop in the way that many people have described for conlangin. That is create first, then organize the partial results. I just kind of explore strokes and combinations in a kind of "structured doodle" until I have the germs of a system. Then, careful graphical exploration can perfect the functional organization and look of the final result. I usually do indic-style systematic syllabaries, always finding it a bit exotic when I do the occasional pure alphabetic system. I'm mostly conlanging on plane trips right now, as that doesn't make me too guilty. -- David _________________________________________ David Durand \ Boston University Computer Science \ Sr. Analyst \ Dynamic Diagrams --------------------------------------------\ MAPA: mapping for the WWW \__________________________