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[Conlangs-Conf] Second Language Creation Conference - Pre-pre-registration!

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Saturday, April 29, 2006, 0:37
I hereby declare that there WILL be a LCC next year or (worst case)
the year after. I don't know when or where yet, but I'm saying there
will be one, so there will. (Hopefully this statement has a little
more weight to it now that I've demonstrated some ability to pull it
off once...)

I want you to start thinking about it NOW!

Email me with the following info:

* What physical area you would be able to attend (e.g.: Bay Area, East
Coast, West Coast, Anywhere US, Anywhere Europe, ...)

* What year(s) you could attend ('07 or '08)

* What month(s) you could attend

* How many days long you'd want (1, 2, or 3)

* What topics, format, people, or etc you'd like to see (different
from this year's)

* How much money you could contribute, and/or how much money you'd
require in reimbursements for YOU to talk at it

* How many people you could bring with you

Most importantly:
**** What topics YOU can talk about

**** Whether YOU can help organize it by:
 * providing financing (on the order of $800-1500)
 * doing backend organization (i.e. venue, food, financing, tech,
permits, etc - everything OTHER than getting the program & people to
show up)
 * doing frontend organization (i.e. everything I've sent over the
last four months tagged "Conlangs-Conf" - do a search on CONLANG if
you don't remember or didn't see 'em the first time. E.g.: organizing
speakers, attendees, topics, the program, the website, timing,
 * advertising
 * getting some good speakers to contact me with topics

I'm totally willing to do the frontend organization, but I won't be
able to do the backend. I'll be putting online a pretty detailed
accounting of what I did and how here at Berkeley (including the
various documents, applications, budget, etc etc) that you're welcome
to copy from for doing backend stuff. It's really not that hard, and
should be easier still when you get to copy what I did.

Anyhow, yes. This time I'm starting the planning well in advance.

Please answer now, though (not in six months), since this is going to
be an ongoing process. Partial and/or contingent response is better
than none.

Fiat lingua (et conferencia :-P)

 - Sai


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