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TRANS: Vaum far-zelet + New Year festivities

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Friday, December 31, 1999, 17:41
andrew <hobbit@...> wrote:

> I have just returned from the Octagon in Dunedin where I have just seen > the new year in. I think it was broadcast overseas as well but I didn't > see any cameras aimed at me (just as well!)
I saw you! :) No, but seriously, something *was* broadcast from Auckland (don't know where Dunedin is!) -- they're doing something called "Millennium Day"; they started transmitting from Tonga or Kiribati at their midnight (about 6 AM here in Argentina) and they reached New Zealand at 8 AM. I was already awake, so I watched. Really nice... Though I really didn't care about the singing guy... But I loved the fireworks. PS I just saw the day-welcome ceremony in the coast. Are there Maori songs for each occasion on earth? :) I don't know exactly what plans are *here*, except that there'll be people singing in the Falls of Iguazú (Brazilian border) and some classical dancing in Ushuaia (about 3,500 km south). And here in Rosario they are preparing a huge firework show going along the coast, including some fireworks which will be seen across the whole city -- and it's a large city!
> then I can send in this translation. Its sentiment, I felt, fitted in > well with our ambivilence of the anticipation of seeing the new year in, > and the fear associated with a computer crash.
Hope that fear is already set aside... I think a couple of satellites died somewhere during the transmission, but that was all (as for now).
> Eo 'af lla 'eidd di'll adof ci > I receive.pres.s the.f joy of_the.m moment here
Where does _'eidd_ come from?
> Happy new year. Ffelig' An New o ffelig' Calen Ianeir.
¡Feliz Año Nuevo! --Pablo Flores