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Re: TRANS: Vaum far-zelet + New Year festivities

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Saturday, January 1, 2000, 5:48
Am 12/31 14:41  FFlores yscrifef:

> I saw you! >
A bit difficult, I was in the bottom half of the Octagon. There was some talk in December that our town clock would be filmed because it's one of the few remaining in NZ that still runs on clockwork rather than electricity.
> :) No, but seriously, something *was* broadcast from Auckland > (don't know where Dunedin is!) -- they're doing something > called "Millennium Day"; they started transmitting from Tonga or > Kiribati at their midnight (about 6 AM here in Argentina) and they > reached New Zealand at 8 AM. I was already awake, so I watched. > Really nice... Though I really didn't care about the singing guy... > But I loved the fireworks. >
They're playing something called 2000Today here. Times Square in NY was shown on our 6 o'clock news - so Happy New Year New Yorker Linguafictors! I thought the Eiffel Tower positively glowed! It was even better than London's River of Fire. (Meanwhile in Castreleon:)
> PS I just saw the day-welcome ceremony in the coast. Are there > Maori songs for each occasion on earth? :) >
Probably! Who's keeping count! And if there isn't one - well, somebody will just have to write it!
> > Eo 'af lla 'eidd di'll adof ci > > I receive.pres.s the.f joy of_the.m moment here > > Where does _'eidd_ come from? >
Gaudia, after it's been through Brithenig's etymology-defying soundchanges.
> > Happy new year. Ffelig' An New o ffelig' Calen Ianeir. > > ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! >
I was also thinking of offering this as a Millenium translation. I came across it at an interfaith service earlier this year, a prayer being recommended by Churches Together in England for use at midnight on New Year's Eve. I hope it not too contextual for some translators. The Millenium Resolution Let there be respect for the earth, peace for its people, love in our lives, Delight in the good, Forgiveness of past wrongs, And from now on A new start Now do I have all the words to translate it into Brithenig... -- - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus "Piskie, Piskie, say Amen Doon on your knees and up agen." "Presbie, Presbie, dinna bend; Sit ye doon on mon's chief end." - Attributions unknown.