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Blackboards (was Re: Untouchables [Andreas J., please read])

From:Ph. D. <phild@...>
Date:Friday, December 5, 2003, 0:47
Roger Mills scripsit:
> > Actually, I was going to say "You will go to the _[black]board_ and > write....." but didn't, as I wasn't sure younger people would recognize
> term. At least in many (all?) schools in the US, blackboards are now
> However, I see Tristan used the word, so apparently it persists.
When I was in school in the late 1960s, newly installed "blackboards" were green. In the 1970s, newly installed "blackboards" were brown. I was at the local elementry school last year, and many teachers were using whiteboards. (I believe the dust in the air from using chalk has become a health concern.) --Ph. D.


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