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And Now... Arabic Rokbeigalmki Transliteration

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 4:06
Yes, it's true...
It seems that i like making up transliterations more than i like making
up the conlangs themselves that need to be transliterated.  So here's my
next project, Rokbeigalmki in the Arabic alphabet.

No pictures this time, here're the descriptions:

(these are only the letters that don't have an automatic correspondence
with original Arabic.  some of them come from the little i know of Farsi
and other non-Arabic uses of the Arabic alphabet)

/p/ = baa-shape with three dots below
/v/ = faa-shape with three dots above
/g/ = wavy kaaf-shape with extra line on top
/Z/ related to /z/ = raa-shape with two horizontal dots on top
/tS/ = jiim-shape with three dots below
/ts/ = siin-shape with three dots below
/Z/ related to /dZ/ = raa-shape with three dots above
/n"/ (uvular nasal) = ayn-shape with three dots above

/i/ = /i:/
/1/ = /i/
/u-/ = /u/
/u/ = /u:/
/o/ = /a/-waw
/O/ = /u/-alif
/Oj/ = /u/-yaa
/V/ = /u/-dotless.yaa
/a/ = /a:/-alif
/aw/ = /a:/-alif-waw
/aj/ = /a:/-alif-yaa
/&/ = /a:/
/&w/ = /a:/-waw
/E/ = /a/
/e@/ = /a/-dotless.yaa
/ej/ = /a/-yaa

( note: /i:/ = {kasra-yaa}  ;  /u:/ = {damma-waw}  ;  /a:/ = {fatHa-alif}

It ends up being very alif-heavy, what with all the /a/'s in
Rokbeigalmki, but hey :-) .  Any of our Arabicists have any suggestions
for changes?

-Stephen (Steg)
 "survival is insufficient."