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OT: LONG: RE: OT: Rick Harrison's Universal Language Dictionary: HELP!!!!

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 4, 2003, 22:17
> Dear Tim, et al. I am showing my lack of technical skills here. I don't > know how to deal with Rick Harrison's zipped file. It seems that he > requires payment, otherwise you get a view only copy. I don't know how to > unzip it... I was asked whether I wanted to save the zipped file to disk or > open it from the site. I chose the second (bad move), and I was put into a > window that showed Harrison's files. I tried to open one, and that put me > into a nightmare bunch of programs that did some "rearranging" of my zipped > programs, asked me to make decisions about "classic" Win, or regular Win, or > whatever, and I couldn't get out of the program. I had to shut the computer > off. I have no idea if I've completely effed up my operation or not. At > least this program loads. So does my NoteTabPro > > Can someone please tell me what to do? :-/ Step by step? I have an old > machine, Windows 98, at least 286 ram. Very slow pentium. I do have an XP > downstairs (my husband's machine), but I'm not sure it has WinZip on it > It's very minimally loaded
I've no idea why you were having these problems, but it's not anything to do with Rick, and certainly not to do with him wanting payment (which he doesn't). Anyway, to save you further hassle, here it the ULD to English, below. --And. * 01. ADPOSITIONS * Adpositions are markers of temporal and spatial relationship. * Some languages express these concepts with prepositions; some * use postpositions; some use noun cases; some use verb forms. 001: about (pertaining to; on the topic of) [pr] 002: above, over [pr] 003: across (at / to the other side of) [pr] 004: after (later than; in the future of) [pr] 005: around, encircling, surrounding [pr] 006: at (in the same location as) [pr] 007: because of, due to [pr] 008: before, in front of, ahead of (spatially) [pr] 009: before, prior to, earlier than [pr] 00A: behind, in back of, to the rear of [pr] 00B: between, among, amidst, inter- [pr] 00C: beyond, farther than, exceeding [pr] 00D: by means of, via, per, with (using; through instrumentality of) [pr] 00E: during [pr] 00F: except for, besides, apart from, other than, excluding [pr] 010: for (to benefit; destined for; for the purpose of) [pr] 011: for (in exchange for) [pr] 012: from, out of, away from [pr] 013: in (located inside of) [pr] 014: instead of, rather than [pr] 015: like, similar to [pr] 016: near, close to [pr] 017: of (owned by; belonging to; associated with; = genitive) [pr] 018: of (containing the measured quantity: "two liters of water") [pr] 019: on (resting on; touching the top or other surface of) [pr] 01A: outside of, exterior to [pr] 01B: than, compared to [pr/cj] 01C: through [pr] 01D: to, towards, at (moving toward) [pr] 01E: under, below, beneath [pr] 01F: with (accompanied by) [pr] 020: without, with no ..., lacking [pr] * 02. OTHER FUNCTION WORDS 021: be (intransitive predicative copula) [v] 022: exist [v] 023: become (begin to be; acquire the quality...) [v] 024: cause (induce something to be/happen) [v] 025: make, render (impart quality X to Y; e.g. "I make you happy") [v] 026: do, perform, engage in (specified activity) [v] 027: have (possess / be furnished with) [v] 028: can (is/are able to ...) [aux v pres] 029: should, ought to (is/are expected/advised to ...) [aux v pres] 02A: this (demonstrative) [aj/pn] 02B: that (demonstrative) [aj/pn] 02C: and, plus [cj] 02D: but, however [cj] 02E: if (on condition that...; supposing that...) [cj] 02F: or [cj] 030: that (e.g. "I know that you are right") [cj] 031: also, additionally, too [av] 032: apart, separately [av] 033: here (in/to this place) [av] 034: how? (in what manner?) [av] 035: maybe, perhaps, possibly [av] 036: not [av] 037: only, solely, exclusively [av] 038: there (at/to that place) [av] 039: together [av] 03A: when? (at what time?) [av] 03B: where? (at/to what place?) [av] 03C: why? (for what reason?) [av] 03D: any (no particular one of) [aj] 03E: every, each [aj] * 03. PEOPLE 03F: person, human being 040: baby, infant 041: child 042: boy 043: girl 044: man (adult male person) 045: woman (adult female person) 046: family 047: father 048: mother 049: marriage (spousal relationship) 04A: husband 04B: wife 04C: son 04D: daughter 04E: brother 04F: sister 050: chief, leader 051: king 052: queen 053: president 054: prime minister 055: dictator, tyrant 056: master, lord 057: slave 058: soldier 059: ambassador 05A: member (of group/organization) 05B: friend 05C: enemy * 04. TITLES 05D: Mister, Mr. 05E: Ms., Miss/Mrs. 05F: Miss 060: Mrs. * 05. GROUPINGS OF PEOPLE 061: club, society (voluntary association re: a common interest) 062: committee (group appointed to do a task) 063: community (individuals sharing space / culture) 064: culture (the customs and beliefs of a people) 065: individual (one considered separately from one's species) 066: people (a people), folk, the members of an ethnic group / nation 067: public, populace, the people (as in People's Republic) 068: race (group of people with similar characteristics) 069: team, crew, squad * 06. BODY PARTS, SUBSTANCES 06A: abdomen 06B: anus 06C: arm (shoulder to hand) 06D: back (dorsal area) 06E: beard 06F: blood 070: body 071: bone 072: brain 073: breast, mammary 074: buttock 075: cheek (side of face below eye) 076: chest (upper front of torso) 077: chin 078: ear 079: egg 07A: eye 07B: face 07C: feather 07D: feces, dung, excrement 07E: fetus (foetus), embryo 07F: finger 080: fist 081: foot (on which something stands) 082: forehead 083: gene 084: hair (a strand of fibrous material growing from the body) 085: hair (the hairs atop one's head thought of as a collective entity) 086: hand 087: head 088: heart (coronary muscle) 089: heel 08A: hip 08B: horn (bone-like growth from animal's head) 08C: intestines, gut(s), viscera 08D: iris (of eye) 08E: kidney 08F: knee 090: leg 091: lip 092: liver 093: lung 094: meat, flesh 095: mouth 096: muscle 097: nail (fingernail) 098: navel 099: neck 09A: nerve 09B: nose 09C: organ (of body) 09D: palm (of hand) 09E: penis 09F: shell 0A0: shoulder 0A1: skeleton 0A2: skin 0A3: spine, backbone 0A4: stomach 0A5: sweat, perspiration 0A6: tail 0A7: tear(drop(s)) 0A8: testicle 0A9: throat 0AA: thumb 0AB: toe 0AC: tongue (body-part) 0AD: tooth 0AE: urine 0AF: vagina 0B0: vein, blood vessel 0B1: waist 0B2: wing (of bird etc.) 0B3: wound 0B4: wrist 0B5: berry (small pulpy fruit) 0B6: bud (of flower/leaf) 0B7: flower 0B8: fruit 0B9: leaf 0BA: nut (hard-shelled fruit/seed with separable shell and kernel) 0BB: pod (seed pod) 0BC: root (of a plant) 0BD: seed 0BE: sprout (young shoot of plant) * 07. MISC. BODY TERMS 0BF: alive [aj] 0C0: dead [aj] 0C1: birth 0C2: mature, adult 0C3: healthy [aj] 0C4: disease, illness, sickness 0C5: fat, obese, plump [aj] 0C6: sex, gender 0C7: female [aj] 0C8: male [aj] 0C9: neuter (neither male nor female) [aj] 0CA: sense (ability to perceive a given kind of stimuli) 0CB: pain 0CC: pleasure 0CD: tired, weary [aj] 0CE: refreshed, zesty, perky [aj] 0CF: sleep [v] 0D0: awake [aj] 0D1: fever * 8. BODILY ACTIONS 0D2: bite [v] 0D3: breathe [v] 0D4: catch (stop the motion of and seize in the hands) [v] 0D5: climb [v] 0D6: copulate, have sex (with) [v] 0D7: crawl [v] 0D8: cry out, shout, yell [v] 0D9: cry, weep [v] 0DA: dance [v] 0DB: die [v] 0DC: drink [v] 0DD: drown (die/kill via immersion) [v] 0DE: eat [v] 0DF: feel (perceive with the tactile sense) [v] 0E0: gesture [v] 0E1: hold, grasp [v] 0E2: hunt, pursue (with intent to capture and/or devour) [v] 0E3: jump, leap [v] 0E4: kick [v] 0E5: kill [v] 0E6: kiss [v] 0E7: laugh [v] 0E8: lie (recline horizontally) [v] 0E9: live (be alive) [v] 0EA: run [v] 0EB: shave [v] 0EC: sit (be in a sitting position) [v] 0ED: smile [v] 0EE: sneeze [v] 0EF: spit [v] 0F0: squat [v] 0F1: stand [v] 0F2: swallow [v] 0F3: swim [v] 0F4: taste (perceive the flavor of) [v] 0F5: throw, toss [v] 0F6: touch [v] 0F7: vomit [v] 0F8: walk [v] 0F9: wrestle [v] * 9. ANIMAL SPECIES AND TYPES 0FA: animal (non-vegetable creature) 0FB: ant (insect of family Formicidae) 0FC: bear (animal of Ursidae family) 0FD: bee (member of genus Apis) 0FE: bird (egg-laying feathered animal with wings) 0FF: butterfly 100: cat (Felis catus) 101: chicken 102: cockroach (insect of order Blattaria) 103: cow/bull, cattle (bovine animal of either sex) 104: deer (animal of family Cervidae) 105: dog (Canis familiaris) 106: donkey, ass (Equus asinus) 107: dragon (winged serpent with crested head and large claws) 108: fish 109: fly (small winged insect) 10A: fox (member of genus Vulpes) 10B: frog (web-footed tailless leaping amphibian) 10C: goat (animal of genus Capra) 10D: grasshopper 10E: horse (Equus caballus) 10F: insect 110: lion (Felis leo) 111: lizard 112: lobster 113: mammal 114: mantis (insect of order Manteodea) 115: monkey, small primate 116: mosquito 117: mouse 118: pig, swine (omnivorous mammal of family Suidae) 119: rabbit (animal of family Leporidae) 11A: reptile 11B: sheep (Ovis aries) 11C: snake, serpent (reptile of suborder Serpentes or Ophidia) 11D: spider, arachnid 11E: squirrel (rodent of family Sciuridae) 11F: tiger (Felis tigris) 120: turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) 121: turtle (reptile of order Testudinata) 122: virus 123: whale (large marine mammal of order Cetacea) 124: wolf (Canis lupus) 125: worm * 10. PLANT SPECIES AND TYPES * Note that the English words sometimes refer to an entire plant and * sometimes only to its fruit ("I am planting tomatoes" vs. "I am eating * tomatoes"). This is not true of all languages. 126: apple (tree/fruit of genus Malus) 127: bamboo (plant/stem of genera Bambusa / Arundinaria / Dendrocalamus) 128: banana (plant/fruit of genus Musa) 129: bean (lima/snap/etc.: plant/seed of genus Phaseolus or similar) 12A: cabbage (plant/leaves of sp. Brassica oleracea capitata) 12B: carrot (plant/root of sp. Daucus carota sativus) 12C: coffee (plant/seeds of sp. Coffea arabica) 12D: cork (tree/elastic tissue of sp. Quercus suber) 12E: corn, maize (plant/seeds of sp. Zea mays) 12F: cotton (plant/fibers of genus Gossypium) 130: cucumber (Cucumis sativus) 131: date (tree/fruit of sp. Phoenix dactylifera) 132: fig (tree/fruit of genus Ficus) 133: flax (Linum usitatissimum) 134: garlic (herb of sp. Allium sativum) 135: ginger (plant/rhizome of genus Zingiber) 136: ginseng (plant/root of genus Panax) 137: gourd (plant/hard-rinded fruit of genera Lagenaria & Cucurbita) 138: grape (plant/fruit of genus Vitis) 139: grass (monocotyledonous plant of family Gramineae) 13A: hemp, marijuana (plant/material of sp. Cannabis sativa) 13B: kelp (seaweed of orders Laminariales and Fucales) 13C: lentil (plant/seeds of sp. Lens culinaris) 13D: lettuce (plant/leaves of genus Lactuca) 13E: mandarin, tangerine (tree/fruit of sp. Citrus reticulata) 13F: mint (plant of family Labiatae) 140: mushroom (a complex aerial fleshy fruiting body of a fungus) 141: mustard (plant of sp. Brassica hirta / B. nigra / B. juncea) 142: oak (tree of genus Quercus) 143: oat (plant/seed of genus Avena) 144: olive (tree/fruit of sp. Olea europaea) 145: onion (plant/bulb of sp. Allium sepa) 146: orange (tree/fruit of Citrus sinensis / related spp.) 147: pea (plant/seed of sp. Pisum sativum) 148: peanut (plant/seed/pod of sp. Arachis hypogaea) 149: pepper (hot/sweet/bell pepper -- plant/pod of genus Capsicum) 14A: pepper (black -- plant/seed of sp. Piper nigrum) 14B: pine (coniferous tree of genus Pinus) 14C: plum (certain trees/fruits of genus Prunus) 14D: potato (plant/tuber of sp. Solanum tuberosum) 14E: rice (plant/seed of sp. Oryza sativa) 14F: rose (plant/flower of genus Rosa) 150: safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) 151: sesame (plant/seed of genus Sesamum) 152: soya, soybean (plant/seed of sp. Glycine max) 153: spinach (plant/leaves of sp. Spinacia oleracea) 154: squash, melon (plant/fruit of genus Cucurbita grown for edible fruit) 155: sunflower (plant/bloom of sp. Helianthus annuus) 156: tea (plant/leaves of sp. Camellia sinensis) 157: tobacco (plant/leaves of sp. Nicotiana tabacum) 158: tomato (plant/berry of genus Lycopersicon) 159: wheat (plant/seed of sp. Triticum aestivum) 15A: bush, shrub 15B: garden 15C: grain(s), cereal crop(s) and their seed(s) 15D: harvest, reap [v] 15E: plant (a vegetable life-form) 15F: tree * 11. NATURAL WORLD 160: bay (small body of water offset from lake or sea) 161: beach, shore 162: cave 163: cliff 164: cloud 165: desert 166: earth (terra firma contrasted with sea and heaven) 167: earthquake 168: eclipse 169: field (unbroken expanse of land) 16A: flood, deluge 16B: fog 16C: forest 16D: hail 16E: hill (smaller than a mountain) 16F: island 170: lake 171: lightning 172: moon (natural satellite of a planet) 173: mountain 174: nature (that which occurs spontaneously; the non-artificial world) 175: planet 176: rain 177: rainbow 178: river 179: sea, ocean 17A: sky 17B: snow 17C: star 17D: storm 17E: sun 17F: swamp, marsh 180: thunder 181: tide 182: tornado 183: universe, cosmos 184: valley 185: volcano 186: weather 187: wind 188: world * 12. TOOLS, IMPLEMENTS 189: arrow (sharp-tipped shaft shot from a bow) 18A: axe 18B: balloon 18C: bar, rod 18D: barrel, cask 18E: basket 18F: bed 190: bell 191: blade 192: blanket (large piece of soft material used as a cover) 193: board 194: bomb 195: bottle 196: bow (for arrows) 197: bowl (deep round dish) 198: box (rigid rectangular receptacle) 199: brake 19A: brick (hard clay block) 19B: broom 19C: brush 19D: bucket, pail 19E: bullet 19F: button (on a shirt etc.) 1A0: cage 1A1: can (presealed metal container) {British: tin} 1A2: candle 1A3: cannon 1A4: chain (connected series of rings or links) 1A5: chair (furniture for one person to sit on) 1A6: cigarette 1A7: clock 1A8: club, cudgel 1A9: coin 1AA: comb 1AB: computer (electronic instruction-obeying information-handler) 1AC: container 1AD: cord, cable (thicker than wire) 1AE: cover (thing put onto or extended over something else) 1AF: cup (small bowl with handle) 1B0: curtain 1B1: dial (circle marked with numbers/symbols) 1B2: dish (any shallow concave container) 1B3: doll, effigy 1B4: dome (anything shaped like an upside-down bowl) 1B5: drain (device that removes unwanted liquid) 1B6: drill 1B7: drum (hollow musical instrument beaten with sticks or hands) 1B8: envelope (folded paper covering a letter) 1B9: fan (device to create air current) 1BA: fence (outdoor barrier supported by posts) 1BB: file (tool for abrading) 1BC: flag, banner 1BD: fork (instrument with >=2 prongs for picking up something) 1BE: frame (structure supporting or surrounding something) 1BF: furniture 1C0: gear (toothed wheel) 1C1: guitar (stringed instrument played with the fingers) 1C2: gun (ballistic weapon) 1C3: hammer 1C4: handle (part of tool by which it is held) 1C5: hinge 1C6: hook 1C7: horn (makes noise when blown) 1C8: hourglass 1C9: jar, jug (big wide-mouthed bottle) 1CA: key (metal device for operating lock) 1CB: knife 1CC: knob 1CD: ladder 1CE: lamp 1CF: lens 1D0: lever 1D1: lock (device for securing doors) 1D2: machine (device with moving parts) 1D3: match (little fire-stick) 1D4: microscope 1D5: mirror 1D6: motor, engine 1D7: nail (pointy fastener) 1D8: needle 1D9: net 1DA: oven 1DB: package, packet, parcel 1DC: paddle, oar (stick with broad end) 1DD: pan (broad shallow cooking dish) 1DE: patch (a piece used to cover/repair a flaw) 1DF: pedal 1E0: pen (writing tool that uses ink) 1E1: pencil, crayon (writing tool that uses semi-solid substance) 1E2: pillow, cushion 1E3: pipe (a hard tube for transporting liquid) 1E4: plate (shallow dish, usually round) 1E5: plow (plough) 1E6: pocket 1E7: pole, stick (long bar) 1E8: post (vertical pole anchored in ground) 1E9: pot (deep round vessel) 1EA: pulley 1EB: pump 1EC: rack (framework of bars for storage) 1ED: radio apparatus, wireless set 1EE: rail (usually horizontal bar for restraining/supporting things) 1EF: rake 1F0: razor 1F1: rope 1F2: rug, mat 1F3: sack, bag 1F4: sail 1F5: saw (tool) 1F6: scale (device to measure weight) 1F7: scissors 1F8: screen, mesh 1F9: screw (threaded fastener) 1FA: sign (board with public notice written on it) 1FB: shelf 1FC: shield (a protective implement) 1FD: shovel 1FE: spear, lance 1FF: sponge (real/synthetic corpse of animal of phylum Porifera) 200: spool, reel (cylinder onto which something is wound) 201: spoon 202: spring (metal helix) 203: staple (fastener) 204: strap 205: string (thicker than thread and thinner than rope) 206: stylus 207: sword 208: syringe 209: table (piece of furniture with flat top) 20A: telephone 20B: telescope 20C: television set 20D: toilet, water closet 20E: tool, utensil, implement 20F: tongs 210: towel 211: toy, plaything 212: trap 213: tray (shallow rectangular dish) 214: umbrella 215: valve (flow-controller) 216: weapon 217: wheel 218: wire (long thread-like piece of metal) 219: wrench {British: spanner} * 13. CLOTHING 21A: apron 21B: belt 21C: coat (heavy outer garment with sleeves) 21D: collar 21E: eyeglasses 21F: garment (item of clothing) 220: glove 221: harness 222: hat, cap 223: helmet 224: jacket (a short and/or lightweight coat) 225: necktie 226: pants, trousers 227: shirt 228: shorts, trunks (trousers extending no lower than knees) 229: shoe 22A: skirt, kilt, dress (any torso-garment open at the bottom) 22B: sock, hose, stocking 22C: uniform (special garments worn by members of a group) 22D: veil * 14. BUILDINGS, INSTITUTIONS 22E: building, edifice (structure with walls and roof) 22F: attic, garret 230: ceiling 231: cellar, basement 232: chimney 233: door 234: elevator {British: lift} 235: fireplace, hearth 236: floor (bottom of room) 237: roof 238: room, chamber 239: stair(s) 23A: wall 23B: window 23C: church (building or institution of public worship) 23D: factory 23E: hospital 23F: hotel, inn 240: house (a free-standing man-made dwelling-building) 241: library 242: mill (place where raw materials are processed) 243: prison, jail 244: school 245: store, shop, boutique 246: tavern, bar, pub 247: theater 248: university 249: bridge 24A: farm 24B: park (public outdoor area) 24C: market (place where goods are bought/sold/traded) 24D: tower * 15. GOVERNMENT, HIERARCHY 24E: agency, bureau 24F: army 250: authority (the right/power to command) 251: campaign (for political office) 252: constitution (charter of an organization) 253: control [v] 254: court (of law) 255: crime 256: elect (select by voting) [v] 257: free (at liberty) [aj] 258: government 259: independent [aj] 25A: international [aj] 25B: jury 25C: law (a rule enforced by a government) 25D: military [aj] 25E: nation, state (political entity) 25F: obey [v] 260: official (issued with authority) [aj] 261: organize (bring X's together to perform a task) [v] 262: parliament, congress (legislative body of elected officers) 263: party (political), sect (religious) 264: permit, allow, let [v] 265: police (organization to enforce laws) 266: politics 267: prohibit, forbid, contra-permit [v] 268: province (of Canada etc.), prefecture, state (of USA etc.) 269: resign [v] 26A: rule, regulation 26B: submission, surrender 26C: tax 26D: trial (in court) 26E: unite [v] 26F: vote [v] 270: war * 16. BUSINESS AND TRANSACTIONS 271: accept (willingly receive) [v] 272: account (record of money received/paid/owed) 273: bank (monetary institution) 274: bill, invoice (statement of money owed) 275: borrow [v] 276: business, commerce 277: buy, purchase [v] 278: cheap, inexpensive [aj] 279: check (written order directing a bank to pay from an account) 27A: company (a business organization), firm 27B: contract (agreement-document) 27C: credit (permission to borrow money) 27D: debt, obligation to pay 27E: exchange, trade, swap [v] 27F: expensive, costly [aj] 280: frugal, thrifty [aj] 281: generous, charitable [aj] 282: get, acquire, gain, obtain [vt] 283: give [v] 284: insurance (protective contractual arrangement) 285: invest [v] 286: job, employment 287: keep, retain, go on having (e.g. "you should keep this book") [v] 288: lack (be without) [v] 289: lend [v] 28A: lose (cease having; contra-acquire) [vt] 28B: merchandise, goods, wares 28C: money 28D: offer (present for acceptance or rejection) [v] 28E: own (possess according to law or custom) [v] 28F: pay [v] 290: poor, impoverished [aj] 291: price, cost 292: private (contra-public) [aj] 293: prize, award 294: profit, gain 295: provide, supply, furnish [v] 296: public (available to most or all persons) [aj] 297: punish [v] 298: receive [v] 299: reject, refuse (contra-accept) [v] 29A: responsibility, liability, accountability 29B: reward [v] 29C: rich, wealthy [aj] 29D: sell [v] 29E: steal (take in a criminal way) [v] 29F: store, cache, reserve, reservoir 2A0: take (in the sense of E-o "preni", G "nehmen", Sp "tomar") [v] 2A1: ticket, coupon 2A2: value (the quality of being useful and/or desirable), worth * 17. RELIGION AND THE SUPERNATURAL 2A3: angel, fairy (supernatural flying humanoid) 2A4: bless (wish good upon) [v] 2A5: curse, damn (wish evil upon) [v] 2A6: ghost (manifestation of dead person's soul) 2A7: god, diety 2A8: heaven, celestial realm, Valhala etc. 2A9: hell, Hades 2AA: holy, sacred [aj] 2AB: magic, sorcery 2AC: pray (communicate with god(s)) [v] 2AD: priest, clergyman 2AE: religion 2AF: revelation, mystical vision 2B0: ritual, rite, ceremony 2B1: soul, spirit (believed to outlive the body) * 18. MIND AND EMOTION 2B2: admire [v] 2B3: alert [aj] 2B4: angry [aj] 2B5: approve (of) [v] 2B6: art (creative craft; productive use of talent) 2B7: attention (active perception) 2B8: behavior, conduct 2B9: believe (accept as true) [v] 2BA: blame [v] 2BB: boring, tedious [aj] 2BC: calculate, reckon [v] 2BD: care, concern (about someone / something) 2BE: caution, prudence, carefulness 2BF: celebrate, rejoice [v] 2C0: choose, pick (out), select one of many possibilities [v] 2C1: comfort (freedom from pain and/or worry) 2C2: compare [v] 2C3: conscious, aware [aj] 2C4: courage, bravery 2C5: dear, precious, cherished [aj] 2C6: decide [v] 2C7: disappointment 2C8: distinguish, differentiate, tell one from another [v] 2C9: doubt [v] 2CA: dream 2CB: embarrassment 2CC: enthusiasm, zeal 2CD: expect, anticipate (believe that X will come/happen) [v] 2CE: experience (consciously live through an event) [v] 2CF: favor, prefer [v] 2D0: fear (be afraid of) [v] 2D1: feel (experience an emotion/sentiment) [v] 2D2: foolish [aj] 2D3: forget (contra-remember) [v] 2D4: forgive, pardon [v] 2D5: funny, comical [aj] 2D6: grateful, thankful [aj] 2D7: greedy [aj] 2D8: guard, monitor, watch over [v] 2D9: guess, conjecture [v] 2DA: guide, lead [v] 2DB: guilty, blame-worthy [aj] 2DC: habit, custom, routine practice 2DD: happy [aj] 2DE: hate [v] 2DF: hope [v] 2E0: humble, modest [aj] 2E1: idea, concept (thought-bundle) 2E2: imagine [v] 2E3: important [aj] 2E4: innocent, contra-guilty [aj] 2E5: insane, crazy, mad [aj] 2E6: intelligent [aj] 2E7: intend, mean to, do deliberately, have as a purpose [v] 2E8: interest (desire to pay attention to something), fascination 2E9: invent (plan something which has never been made before) [v] 2EA: jealousy, envy 2EB: judge (compare something to criteria), form an opinion about [v] 2EC: know [v] 2ED: knowledge 2EE: learn [v] 2EF: like, enjoy (derive pleasure from) [v] 2F0: logic (formalized process of reasoning) 2F1: lonely (feeling undesirable solitude) [aj] 2F2: love [v] 2F3: loyal [aj] 2F4: mercy 2F5: mind 2F6: mystery 2F7: neglect, negligence, apathy 2F8: nice, kind, affable [aj] 2F9: notice, observe [v] 2FA: opinion 2FB: patience 2FC: peace (freedom from fighting or turmoil) 2FD: perceive, detect [v] 2FE: pity, feel compassion toward, feel sorry for [v] 2FF: plan, design 300: play (performed by actors on stage), drama 301: pretend, act, feign [v] 302: pride (proudness; self-respect) 303: reason, explanation, justification, rationale 304: reasoning, rational thought 305: recognize [v] 306: regret [v] 307: remember [v] 308: respect, venerate, esteem [v] 309: revenge, vengeance, retribution, getting even 30A: sad, unhappy, melancholy [aj] 30B: satisfaction 30C: seek, search (for), look for [v] 30D: seem, appear to be, give the impression of [v] 30E: serious, earnest, grave [aj] 30F: shame 310: study [v] 311: stupid [aj] 312: subject, topic of discussion 313: suppose, presume [v] 314: surprise, startle [v] 315: talent, skill, knack 316: teach [v] 317: tempt [v] 318: theory 319: think [v] 31A: trust [v] 31B: understand, comprehend [v] 31C: want, wish, desire [v] 31D: whim, caprice 31E: wise [aj] 31F: worry, anxiety * 19. COMMUNICATION 320: address (postal co-ordinates) 321: admit, confess [v] 322: advertisement 323: advice 324: alphabet 325: announce, proclaim [v] 326: answer, reply to a question or argument 327: article, essay (piece of text about one topic) 328: ask, inquire [v] 329: book 32A: call, summon [v] 32B: chapter (main division of book) 32C: chart, diagram 32D: claim, assertion (statement of unknown accuracy) 32E: code (cryptographic system) 32F: command, order, directive 330: communication (exchange of information) 331: consonant (non-vowel) 332: criticize [v] 333: deny (say that X is not true) [v] 334: describe [v] 335: dictionary 336: discuss, talk about [v] 337: document 338: emphasize, accentuate, stress [v] 339: fact (undisputed datum) 33A: fiction 33B: file (dossier; loose bundle of data) 33C: grammar (rules and structure of a language) 33D: history (organized account of past events), chronicle 33E: indicate [v] 33F: information 340: insult 341: invite [v] 342: issue, edition (of periodical etc.) 343: label 344: language (the verbal communication technique of a people) 345: letter (a message written and mailed) 346: lie (utter a known falsehood) [v] 347: list 348: magazine (periodical publication) 349: mail (transmit postally) [v] 34A: map (drawing of planet's surface) 34B: meaning (semantic content of a word) 34C: message (batch of transmitted information) 34D: movie, motion picture 34E: name 34F: news, tidings 350: newspaper 351: noise (confused/randomized sound/stimuli) 352: note, annotation 353: page (one side of a sheet of paper in a book) 354: photograph 355: poem 356: praise, compliment, laud [v] 357: print (to copy marks by pressing inked objects on paper) [v] 358: promise (a claim about one's future actions), pledge 359: protest, objection 35A: question, query 35B: quote, cite [v] 35C: read [v] 35D: record (a cache of information) 35E: request, ask for [v] 35F: say, tell, express in words [v] 360: secret [aj] 361: sentence (of words) 362: sing [v] 363: speak, talk [v] 364: story, report 365: suggest, propose (offer an idea) [v] 366: syllable 367: symbol, sign, token 368: thank (express gratitude toward) [v] 369: vocabulary (sum of words available to a person/people) 36A: voice 36B: vowel 36C: warn [v] 36D: word 36E: write [v] * 20. ATHLETICS, GAMES 36F: game (a rule-governed system of competitive amusement) 370: game, match (one particular encounter between competitors) 371: athletics (games involving physical skill), sports 372: score (the tally of points in a competition) 373: umpire, referee, official 374: ball (spheroidal plaything) 375: bat, stick, racket/racquet (any ball-hitting tool) 376: ski 377: baseball 378: basketball 379: football (association f~), soccer 37A: football (American/tackle f~) 37B: gymnastics 37C: hockey 37D: pool, billiards 37E: tennis 37F: chess 380: play, recreate, frolic [v] * 21. IDENTITY 381: same, identical [aj] 382: similar [aj] 383: different [aj] 384: other, another [aj/pn] 385: change (become/make different), vary [v] 386: imitate, mimic [v] 387: original, non-imitative [aj] 388: prototype, exemplar, archetype, model (for all Xs) 389: copy (a duplicate) * 22. NUMERALS 38A: zero [num] 38B: one [num] 38C: two [num] 38D: three [num] 38E: four [num] 38F: five [num] 390: six [num] 391: seven [num] 392: eight [num] 393: nine [num] 394: ten [num] 395: hundred [num] 396: thousand [num] 397: million [num] 398: half (1/2) [num] * 23. QUANTITY 399: quantity (amount / number / magnitude) 39A: number, numeral (a word or symbol indicating quantity) 39B: count, enumerate [v] 39C: measure [v] 39D: ratio, rate, proportion 39E: add, append, join so as to cause an increase [v] 39F: remove, subtract, take away, delete [v] 3A0: increase (become or make greater in quantity) [v] 3A1: decrease (become or make lesser in quantity) [v] 3A2: multiply [v] 3A3: divide [v] 3A4: total, sum, aggregate 3A5: rest (of ...), remainder, leftovers, remnant 3A6: whole, entire, complete [aj] 3A7: all (the whole number or entire sum of) [aj] 3A8: many (a large number of) [aj] 3A9: few (a small number of) [aj] 3AA: much (a large quantity of) [aj] 3AB: more (a larger quantity of) [aj] 3AC: most (the largest quantity of) [aj] 3AD: little (a small quantity of) [aj] 3AE: less (a smaller quantity of) [aj] 3AF: least (the smallest quantity of) [aj] 3B0: part 3B1: piece (a part broken/cut/separated from something larger) 3B2: section, segment (a part somehow different/separated from others) 3B3: allocation, allotment, portion (someone's share of X) 3B4: group 3B5: batch (quantity of things done/produced at one time) 3B6: bundle, bunch (group of things tied or grouped together) 3B7: majority 3B8: minority 3B9: density 3BA: dense (of much density), concentrated, thick, intense [aj] 3BB: rarefied, tenuous, diffuse, dilute, sparse, wispy [aj] 3BC: full, filled [aj] 3BD: empty [aj] * 24. DEGREE 3BE: degree (the extent/intensity/scope of an action/condition/relation) 3BF: at least, not less than (>=) [av] 3C0: at most, only, just, merely, not more than (<=) [av] 3C1: much, very (to a large degree; with great intensity) [av] 3C2: more (to a larger degree) [av] 3C3: most (to the largest degree) [av] 3C4: little (to a small degree; with almost no intensity) [av] 3C5: less (to a smaller degree) [av] 3C6: least (to the smallest degree) [av] 3C7: enough, sufficiently [av] 3C8: almost, nearly [av] 3C9: too much, excessively [av] 3CA: too little, insufficiently [av] * 25. DIMENSION, DIRECTION 3CB: size (degree of largeness or smallness) 3CC: huge, enormous, gigantic [aj] 3CD: big, large (of much size) [aj] 3CE: small (of little size) [aj] 3CF: tiny, minuscule [aj] 3D0: expand, grow [v] 3D1: shrink, contract [v] 3D2: distance (amount of space from X to Y) 3D3: far (at / to a great distance) [aj/av] 3D4: near (at / to a little distance) [aj/av] 3D5: present (existing in the indicated place; contra-absent) [aj] 3D6: absent [aj] 3D7: place, location 3D8: length (distance from one end to the other) 3D9: long (of much length) [aj] 3DA: short (of little length) [aj] 3DB: width (degree of wideness or narrowness) 3DC: wide, broad (of space between objects) [aj] 3DD: narrow, of little width (of space between objects) [aj] 3DE: thickness (of a solid object, etc.) 3DF: thick, fat (large from one surface to the opposite surface) [aj] 3E0: thin, slender (small from one surface to the opposite surface) [aj] 3E1: height (distance from ground / baseline to top) 3E2: high, tall (of much height) [aj] 3E3: low, short (not tall; of little height) [aj] 3E4: depth (distance from ground / baseline down to bottom) 3E5: deep, profound (of much depth) [aj] 3E6: shallow (of little depth) [aj] 3E7: horizontal [aj] 3E8: vertical [aj] 3E9: diagonal, slanted [aj] 3EA: sloped, inclined/declined (not horizontal) [aj] 3EB: angle (the relation of two lines radiating from a point) 3EC: position (location relative to others) 3ED: region, area (a quantity of space within boundaries) 3EE: space, room, void 3EF: connection, joint, junction 3F0: environment, surroundings, context 3F1: front 3F2: rear, back part of 3F3: side, flank, lateral area 3F4: middle, center 3F5: top, peak, summit 3F6: bottom 3F7: edge 3F8: inner, internal, interior [aj] 3F9: outer, exterior, external [aj] 3FA: limit, boundary 3FB: find (discover the location of) [v] 3FC: misplace (lose; become unable to find) [v] 3FD: direction (orientation of motion) 3FE: up [av] 3FF: down [av] 400: north 401: south 402: east 403: west 404: right(-hand) [aj] 405: left(-hand) [aj] 406: away (from this or that place) [av] 407: back (to previous place / condition) [av] 408: inverted, upside-down [aj] 409: backward (in reverse order) [av] 40A: direct, immediate (with no intermediaries or obstacles) [aj] 40B: serpentine, meandering, convoluted [aj] 40C: city 40D: village 40E: rural area, countryside * 26. MOTION 40F: source, origin 410: route, path, course 411: destination 412: aim (to point/direct X toward Y) [v] 413: attract [v] 414: avoid, evade, keep away from [v] 415: barrier, obstacle 416: base, node, station (point from which things go or are done) 417: bring (cause something to come along with one toward a place) [v] 418: capture, seize [v] 419: carry (move while supporting) [v] 41A: come, arrive (at indicated place) [v] 41B: drift, wander [v] 41C: drive, impel, propel [v] 41D: emit (to send out any form of matter/energy in any manner) [v] 41E: enter, go into [v] 41F: escape, flee from [v] 420: fly (move through the air) [v] 421: forward, ahead [av] 422: gather, collect (bring or come together) [v] 423: go (move from starting point to elsewhere) [v] 424: journey, trip, voyage 425: leave, depart, go away from [v] 426: load, burden 427: meet, encounter, come across [v] 428: miss, fail to hit/reach/see etc. [v] 429: move (engage in motion / cause to engage in motion) [v] 42A: put, place, translocate [v] 42B: reach, extend as far as [v] 42C: release (quit keeping/restraining) [v] 42D: remain, stay [v] 42E: repel [v] 42F: restrain, inhibit, hold back [v] 430: retrieve, fetch (go to X and bring it back) [v] 431: return (go or send back to previous place/condition) [v] 432: ride (sit/perch in/on a vehicle/horse/etc. and travel) [v] 433: roll (move like a ball/cylinder by turning over and over) [v] 434: send, dispatch, transmit [v] 435: slide, slip, glide [v] 436: stretch, extend [v] 437: turn, divert (send in a different direction) [v] 438: turn, rotate, revolve [v] 439: visit [v] * 27. VEHICLES, ETC. 43A: airplane, aircraft 43B: bicycle 43C: boat 43D: bus 43E: canal, channel, ditch 43F: car, automobile (wheeled motor vehicle) 440: cart, carriage, wagon (wheeled vehicle; not self-propelled) 441: motorcycle 442: port 443: railroad 444: road 445: rocket 446: ship 447: street 448: train (of railroad) 449: truck {British: lorry} (motor vehicle for cargo-carrying) 44A: vehicle * 28. TIME AND SEQUENCE 44B: age (degree of oldness / youngness) 44C: young (of little age; having existed/lived for a brief time) [aj] 44D: old (of much age; having existed/lived for a long time) [aj] 44E: new, novel, recent (having been known for a brief time) [aj] 44F: old (of long standing; having been known for a long time) [aj] 450: permanent, perpetual [aj] 451: constant, invariant, stable [aj] 452: temporary, transient [aj] 453: interval (quantity of time between events X and Y) 454: irregular, sporadic, intermittent [aj] 455: regular, periodic (at uniform intervals) [aj] 456: rhythm 457: time (e.g. "do it 3 times"), occasion, instance, iteration 458: again, once more, re- [av] 459: alternate, take turns (do X then Y then X then Y) [v] 45A: cycle (one complete performance of a periodic process) 45B: frequency (degree of oftenness or seldomness) 45C: frequently, often [av] 45D: seldom, rarely [av] 45E: duration (amount of time consumed) 45F: long (of much duration) [aj] 460: short, brief (of little duration) [aj] 461: gradual [aj] 462: sudden, abrupt [aj] 463: begin, commence, start [v] 464: continue, keep on doing/being [v] 465: pause, hesitate, suspend action temporarily [v] 466: end, conclude, finish [v] 467: cease, stop doing, quit [v] 468: delay, retard, tarry, postpone [v] 469: rush, hurry, hasten [v] 46A: period, era, epoch 46B: moment, an instant 46C: always (at all times) [av] 46D: ever (at any time) [av] 46E: never [av] 46F: time (the dimension/continuum of past-present-future) 470: past (the p~), earlier time 471: present (the present time; the now) 472: future (the f~) 473: already (prior to the time mentioned) [av] 474: still, yet (even until the time mentioned) [av] 475: yesterday [av] 476: today [av] 477: tomorrow [av] 478: long ago (in the far past) [av] 479: recently (in the near past) [av] 47A: now (at this time) [av] 47B: soon (in the near future) [av] 47C: eventually (in the far future) [av] 47D: early, premature [aj/av] 47E: timely, prompt, on time [av/aj] 47F: late, tardy [aj/av] 480: speed, velocity (degree of fastness or slowness) 481: quickly, rapidly, swiftly (with much speed) [av] 482: slowly (with little speed) [av] 483: series (a number of similar things following one another) 484: sequence, order (temporal arrangement of events in a series) 485: last, final (after all others) [aj] 486: prior, preceding, previous, contra-next [aj] 487: next (coming immediately after; "tomorrow" = the next day) [aj] 488: season 489: spring (the season) 48A: summer 48B: autumn, fall 48C: winter 48D: century 48E: year 48F: month 490: week 491: day (24-hour period) 492: date (coordinates of a day given in some timekeeping system) 493: day (daytime -- as opposed to night), diurnal period 494: night 495: morning (dawn to noon) 496: noon 497: afternoon (noon to dusk) 498: evening (dusk to midnight) 499: midnight 49A: graveyard shift, middle of the night (midnight to dawn) 49B: hour (60 minutes) 49C: minute (60 seconds) 49D: second (1/60th of a minute) 49E: holiday 49F: sabbath (day of week with religious significance) 4A0: wait (for), await [v] * 29. SUBSTANCES, MATERIALS 4A1: air 4A2: alcohol 4A3: ash 4A4: brass (copper-zinc alloy) 4A5: carbon 4A6: chalk 4A7: chemical (substance made by or used in chemistry) 4A8: clay 4A9: cloth, fabric (material made of threads) 4AA: coal 4AB: copper 4AC: dirt, earth (tangible), soil 4AD: dust 4AE: element (substance of irreducible simplicity) 4AF: fat (oily/greasy material from animal adipose tissue or plant seeds) 4B0: fuel 4B1: glass 4B2: gold (the precious metal) 4B3: ice 4B4: ink 4B5: iron 4B6: jade (the tough green gemstone) 4B7: jewel, gem 4B8: lead (the metal) 4B9: leather (prepared hide) 4BA: medicine (substance that makes one healthy) 4BB: metal 4BC: mineral, ore 4BD: mud 4BE: neon 4BF: nitrogen 4C0: oil (a combustible fatty liquid that will not mix with water) 4C1: oil (crude oil), petroleum 4C2: oxygen 4C3: paint 4C4: paper 4C5: plastic (synthetic/processed moldable material) 4C6: poison, toxin 4C7: potassium 4C8: quartz 4C9: rock, stone 4CA: rubber 4CB: salt 4CC: sand 4CD: silk 4CE: silver (the metal) 4CF: soap 4D0: sodium 4D1: steam 4D2: steel 4D3: sulfur 4D4: tar (dark viscous liquid obtained by destructive distillation) 4D5: tin (the metal) 4D6: water 4D7: wax 4D8: wood (the substance) 4D9: wool * 30. FOODSTUFFS, ETC. 4DA: beer 4DB: bitter [aj] 4DC: bread 4DD: butter 4DE: cheese 4DF: chocolate 4E0: flavor, taste 4E1: flour (grain-powder) 4E2: food 4E3: honey 4E4: milk 4E5: pasta, noodles 4E6: pizza 4E7: salad 4E8: sandwich 4E9: sausage 4EA: soup 4EB: sour [aj] 4EC: spice, seasoning 4ED: sugar 4EE: sweet [aj] 4EF: vinegar 4F0: wine * 31. FORMS OF MATTER 4F1: arch 4F2: band, tape, flat strip 4F3: block (solid flat-surfaced mass of material) 4F4: branch (small part going out from main part) 4F5: bump, protrusion 4F6: card (stiff rectangle of material) 4F7: circle 4F8: coil 4F9: cone 4FA: crack, fissure 4FB: cross (perpendicular intersection of linear items) 4FC: crystal 4FD: cube 4FE: curve 4FF: cylinder 500: dent, nick, indentation 501: disk, disc 502: drop (of liquid) 503: film (very thin layer) 504: flared (opening up or spreading out from axis) [aj] 505: foam, froth 506: form, shape 507: furrow, rut, groove 508: garbage, trash, rubbish 509: gas 50A: helix (any corkscrew-shaped object) 50B: hole 50C: jelly (gelatinous semi-solid material), gel 50D: juice (fluid extracted from something) 50E: layer 50F: line (series of contiguous points) 510: liquid 511: loop, circuit, closed curve 512: lump, clod, blob, piece of no particular shape 513: mark (visible traces left behind) 514: matter, material, substance 515: object (concrete tangible thing) 516: opening, orifice 517: oval, ellipse 518: parallel [aj] 519: paste (any thick soft dough-like material) 51A: pattern (apparent systematic interrelationship) 51B: pile, heap, stack of things or of a substance 51C: plane (flat surface) 51D: plug, seal, stopper 51E: powder 51F: pyramid 520: ray 521: rectangle 522: ring, torus 523: rust, corrosion 524: scratch 525: sheath 526: sheet (thin rectangle of paper/cloth/etc.) 527: shower, sprinkle 528: smoke 529: solid (not a gas or liquid) 52A: sphere 52B: spike, barb, cleat, thorn 52C: spiral, whorl 52D: square 52E: stripe 52F: surface 530: swelling, inflation 531: tapered (becoming narrower toward an end) [aj] 532: thread, filament 533: triangle 534: wave 535: wedge 536: wrinkle, crease * 32. MATTER-RELATED QUALITIES 537: flat, planar [aj] 538: level, even (on the same level) [aj] 539: smooth [aj] 53A: rough, coarse, contra-smooth [aj] 53B: straight (not bent) [aj] 53C: bent [aj] 53D: pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated [aj] 53E: clean [aj] 53F: dirty, contra-clean [aj] 540: open (not shut) [aj] 541: closed, shut [aj] 542: wet [aj] 543: dry [aj] 544: sharp, keen, pointy, acute [aj] 545: dull, blunt (of little sharpness) [aj] 546: soft, malleable, yielding to pressure [aj] 547: hard, firm, resistant to pressure [aj] 548: flexible (easily able to bend) [aj] 549: stiff, rigid [aj] 54A: elastic (able to regain shape/size after deformation) [aj] 54B: durable, resilient, robust, strong (in this sense) [aj] 54C: fragile, delicate [aj] 54D: weight (degree of heaviness or lightness) 54E: heavy (of much weight) [aj] 54F: light (of little weight) [aj] 550: solid (contra-hollow) [aj] 551: hollow [aj] 552: snug (just large enough to contain X), tight (in this sense) [aj] 553: loose (contra-snug), baggy [aj] 554: taut, tight, tense, strained [aj] 555: loose (contra-taut), slack [aj] 556: viscous, thick (of high viscosity) [aj] 557: runny, thin (of little viscosity) [aj] * 33. MATTER-RELATED ACTIONS AND PROCESSES 558: absorb [v] 559: adhere (hold tightly to / stick to something) [v] 55A: beat (repeatedly hit), batter [v] 55B: blow (move/cause to move as a current of gas) [v] 55C: boil [v] 55D: bounce, rebound [v] 55E: break (into pieces) [v] 55F: build (join materials to create), construct [v] 560: burn [v] 561: burst [v] 562: consume, deplete, expend, exhaust, use up [v] 563: contain [v] 564: crush (press on so as to break or re-shape) [v] 565: cut [v] 566: dig [v] 567: dissolve [v] 568: evaporate [v] 569: explode [v] 56A: float [v] 56B: flow (travel in a current) [v] 56C: fold [v] 56D: freeze [v] 56E: grind [v] 56F: hang, suspend, dangle [v] 570: hit, strike [v] 571: melt [v] 572: mix, blend [v] 573: pollute, contaminate [v] 574: pour (cause to flow) [v] 575: preserve, maintain (keep X in good condition) [v] 576: press (do pressure to; push upon with weight or force) [v] 577: pry {British: prize} (raise/open/move with a lever) [v] 578: pull (draw something toward oneself) [v] 579: push (press on something in order to move it) [v] 57A: rot, decay [v] 57B: rub, abrade [v] 57C: sew [v] 57D: shake [v] 57E: shoot (cause to rapidly go forth) [v] 57F: sink [v] 580: spill (accidentally emit liquid) [v] 581: spread (begin to cover or cause X to cover more area) [v] 582: stab, jab [v] 583: stir, agitate [v] 584: suck [v] 585: sweep [v] 586: tear, rip [v] 587: tie, bind [v] 588: trim, prune (cut off ragged edges) [v] 589: wash [v] 58A: weave [v] 58B: wrap [v] * 34. MISC. MATTER/ENERGY TERMS 58C: acid(ic) [aj] 58D: alkaline [aj] 58E: atom 58F: balance, equilibrium 590: basis, foundation (part which supports the rest) 591: electricity 592: energy 593: fire 594: force 595: gravity 596: magnet 597: molecule 598: power 599: smell, odor, aroma 59A: strength (ability to exert physical power) 59B: stroke, jolt, blow of force 59C: vacuum 59D: vapor, mist 59E: polarity (electric, magnetic, etc.) 59F: positive [aj] 5A0: negative [aj] 5A1: gentle, mild [aj] 5A2: violent, harsh [aj] * 35. LIGHT 5A3: see [v] 5A4: light (visible electro-magnetic radiation) 5A5: color 5A6: shadow, shade 5A7: shine (radiate light) [v] 5A8: picture, image 5A9: bright (with much light present) [aj] 5AA: dark, dim (with little light present) [aj] 5AB: black [aj] 5AC: gray {British: grey} [aj] 5AD: white [aj] 5AE: red [aj] 5AF: orange (having a hue between red and yellow) [aj] 5B0: yellow [aj] 5B1: green [aj] 5B2: blue [aj] 5B3: purple [aj] 5B4: brown [aj] 5B5: beautiful [aj] 5B6: ugly [aj] 5B7: ornament, decoration 5B8: blemish, blot 5B9: hide, conceal [v] 5BA: reveal, disclose [v] 5BB: examine, inspect [v] 5BC: show, exhibit, display [v] * 36. SOUND 5BD: sound (audible waves in the air) 5BE: silent [aj] 5BF: quiet, soft, faint (of little sonic intensity) [aj] 5C0: loud (of much sonic intensity) [aj] 5C1: hear [v] 5C2: music 5C3: tone, pitch (frequency of sound waves) 5C4: whistle [v] * 37. HEAT 5C5: temperature (relative amount of heat present) 5C6: heat, warmth 5C7: cold, chilly, frigid [aj] 5C8: cool [aj] 5C9: warm [aj] 5CA: hot [aj] 5CB: bake (cook or harden by means of dry heat) [v] 5CC: cook (prepare by applying heat) [v] * 38. ASSORTED ABSTRACT CONCEPTS 5CD: happen, occur [v] 5CE: accident (unintentional and unexpected event) 5CF: miracle 5D0: disaster, catastrophe 5D1: act, deed 5D2: activity, bustle, ado 5D3: result, consequence 5D4: agree [v] 5D5: fight, combat [v] 5D6: protect, defend [v] 5D7: attack [v] 5D8: good [aj] 5D9: bad [aj] 5DA: category, classification 5DB: kind, sort, type, variety (of...) 5DC: certain, sure [aj] 5DD: probable (likely to happen/be) [aj] 5DE: cooperate, collaborate [v] 5DF: compete, strive, vie [v] 5E0: help, assist, aid [v] 5E1: interfere, hinder [v] 5E2: succeed [v] 5E3: fail [v] 5E4: simple [aj] 5E5: complex [aj] 5E6: condition, state, status 5E7: create, make (bring into existence) [v] 5E8: destroy (contra-create; cause to cease existing) [v] 5E9: safety, security 5EA: danger (situation in which harm is probable) 5EB: easy [aj] 5EC: difficult, hard [aj] 5ED: true [aj] 5EE: false, untrue [aj] 5EF: famous [aj] 5F0: obscure, unheard of [aj] 5F1: injure, damage, harm [v] 5F2: repair, fix [v] 5F3: flaw, defect, imperfection 5F4: native (naturally belonging to a given realm) [aj] 5F5: chief, main, primary, principal [aj] 5F6: auxiliary [aj] 5F7: normal, ordinary, usual [aj] 5F8: strange, weird, unusual, peculiar [aj] 5F9: trouble, difficulty 5FA: real, actual [aj] 5FB: trick, chicanery 5FC: right, correct [aj] 5FD: wrong, incorrect [aj] 5FE: reside, dwell, live [v] 5FF: camp, bivouac, temporary shelter 600: nest, den, lair (an animal's self-made house) 601: represent (act as a substitute for) [v] 602: substitute, surrogate (temporary replacement) 603: replacement (permanent substitute/substitution) 604: common, general (shared by all members of a group) [aj] 605: specific, special, particular [aj] 606: ability, capacity (to do something) 607: artificial (deliberately made by humans) [aj] 608: automatic [aj] 609: chance, randomicity, luck 60A: civilization 60B: clear, plain (easy to see/understand) [aj] 60C: compromise 60D: consist of, be composed of [v] 60E: depend on, rely on [v] 60F: deserve, merit, be worthy of [v] 610: detail 611: equal [aj] 612: evil [aj] 613: exact, precise [aj] 614: example, sample 615: exercise, practice (effort made to improve skills/health) 616: experiment 617: fertile [aj] 618: harmony (pleasing combination of stimuli) 619: just, fair, equitable [aj] 61A: match (a thing suitably associated with another) 61B: method, manner, way (of doing), technique 61C: mutual, reciprocal [aj] 61D: naked, nude, exposed (without the usual cover) [aj] 61E: necessary, needed, required [aj] 61F: need, require [v] 620: possible (able to happen or be done) [aj] 621: prevent (keep from happening) [v] 622: process, procedure 623: program 624: progress, advancement 625: project, undertaking, venture 626: proof, evidence 627: quality, trait, attribute, characteristic 628: ready, prepared for a task / event [aj] 629: relationship, association 62A: right (a right to do/be ...) 62B: role (an individual's function) 62C: save, rescue [v] 62D: species 62E: suitable, proper, fit(ting), appropriate [aj] 62F: system 630: task, chore, job, assignment 631: technology 632: tendency, propensity, inclination 633: try, attempt, endeavor [v] 634: use, utilize [v] 635: vogue, trend, fad, fashion 636: waste, misuse [v] 637: wild, feral, untamed [aj] 638: work, effort, labor, toil 639: riot 63A: science 63B: serve (provide service to) [v] 63C: set (complete group of similar items) 63D: strike (work stoppage as protest) 63E: support [v] 63F: test, check [v] 640: torture, torment [v]


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