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gallophobia (was: RE: An introduction

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 4, 2003, 22:23
> > > Why is it always French which suffers from such dislikes? :(((( > > > > Why, isn't that a sign that something *is* wrong with the language? ;-) > > *no offence meant* > > First of all, I don't think that it's always French that suffers from > dislikes. Lately, we've had a number of gallophobic remarks on line,
Speaking as a perpetrator of gallophobic remarks, I would contend, citing myself as evidence, that gallophobia does not entail dislike of French, and nor is it incompatible with gallophilia, whether linguistic or cultural. (However, I certainly disliked learning French at school. I was so bored I would sit and watch the second hand tick at snail's pace round my watch. This went on for 5 years.) --And.


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