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Re: R: Re: Jewish names

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, July 31, 2000, 15:49
Nik wrote:
> Dan Sulani wrote: > > So what was the pronounciation in Alexandria at the time > > of the Septuagint? > > It was originally /u:/, but became /y:/, later /i:/. I *think* that the > /y/ pronunciation was pretty early on. Latin borrowed Greek words with > upsilon as "y", not "u", and (at least among the elite) pronounced it > /y/. So, I think it would've been /y/, but I'm not the expert. >
AFAIK, upsilon was pronounced /y/ only in Attic dialect, that of Athen. Other dialects retained the indoeuropean /u/ value, many times written down as [ou]: Attic TYXH /'tyk_he:/ = 'luck', Beotic TOYXA /'tuk_ha:/; Attic CY /sy/ = 'thou', Laconic TOYNH /'tune:/; Attic KAPYA /'karya/ = 'nuts', Laconic KAPOYA /'karua/. Luca