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Re: Grammar

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Thursday, January 20, 2005, 23:56
# 1 wrote at 2005-01-06 02:01:17 (-0500)

 > Now I beggin to understand more the english language, I also think
 > to use composed verbs like in english, it's as interesting as it's
 > something inexistant in frensh, I don't know if it can be a
 > disadvantage because I don't master it perfectly, or an advantage
 > because I don't beggin with ideas about how to make it.
 > I like the fact than the link between "go up", "go down", "go out",
 > and "go in" is easier to perceive than in frensh between "monter",
 > "décendre", "sortir", and "entrer"
 > In english, by itself the word "go" doesn't means nothing but an
 > abstract idea of movement or changing. It needs the preposition
 > "to" or an adverb to mean something concreate.

This is related to Talmy's typology of motion events, in which English
is a "satellite-framed" language, and most Romance languages are
"verb-framed".  The details are summarised here:

You might find the following paper on the consequences of the
typology, and proposed extensions to it, interesting.