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Re: Phonological Relay

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Friday, November 24, 2000, 1:41
Irina Rempt wrote:
> > On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, H. S. Teoh wrote: > > > Just wondering... what's happening with the phonological relay? Is it > > gonna happen soon (hint, hint)? ;-) > > Hey, that was my question, I was just going to ask it! I thought it > had probably landed in my inbox already and I'd accidentally deleted > it.
It hasn't started yet, but it will soon. A lot has come up lately, and I haven't been able to use the internet for long periods of time, and I can barely keep up with the email I get, let alone send out any. Hopefully I'll get it started by Saturday. -- Robert