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CHAT: R: CHAT: uGLy KaPiTaL LeTTRes & Klingon (was Luca's Re: Ke'kh)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Friday, September 22, 2000, 17:03
Jonathan wrote:

> > >And I agree with you. Capitalized letters remind me of one of the ugliest > >Conlangs I've ever seen, Klingon. > > *snARfLe* You seen Borg?
No. Is it a conlang?
> > There was a Bauhaus designer/typographer by the name of Bayer who > insisted that lower-case lettering was the way of the future (he also > proposed a "fonetik reform ov Inglish" with his own "alfabet."... I have
> more info on hand, but don't know if anyone is THAT intrigued, or reading
> postings this/so far ... ) >
Fonetik reformz ov Inglish aar olwez aksepted, or at least there has been a good number of us trying to realize them. Luca