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Re: CHAT behove etc (was: Natlag: Middle English impersonal verbs)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 14, 2006, 17:36
> > IMO a surprizingly large percentage of these slang spellings > > actually work better than the current ones. As a prime example, > > "U" versus "you". > >Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Never, do you hear? Never! You can have my >irregular spelling when you pry my dictionary from my cold, dead hand! > "U" for "you" is in the same category as "4" for "for".
The category of "efficient"? ;) But you may sleep in peace - in my experience "U" costs a lot more credibility than most newspellings, so I'm not using it until it gets more accepted. I ask only for the recognition of its compatibility with existing patterns, and you seem to have already given that.
> > But "theatre" is the more regular one. Since this is a "broken" <ea> - >ie. > > two vowels, not an /i/ deriving from pre-GWS */E:/ - the spelling >"theater" > > would suggest that the <a> is /ei/. > >And it is indeed pronounced that way in much of the Southern US. >/'\=/.
Informative. I guess it's OK, then. I'm not sure which word I'd even use, since I rarely need to discuss theaters in English. I was just reacting to Sally's "THEE-uh-TREH" - the "-re" spelling does not really appear THAT much contrary to American spelling.
> > And there's many, many more words for which the standard spelling is > > irregular for 99% of English speakers, like "often", > >... which many people give a spelling pronunciation with a /t/...
>Mark J. Reed
Either way of reregularization's fine for me. "Offen" is just the one I hear a lot more offen. ---
>>Whoa! You have a point there - this list could indeed hav potential to >>spred a change of "-ive" to "-iv". Converted! > >:) If only non-conlangers would read it. Do you think the averidge >educated Mercan looks in on us?
No, the other way 'round. There's a lot of intelligent people on this list, including professional linguists - if we start using it on other lists too, it might slowly spread. Can't blame me for being idealistic, can you? :) John Vertical