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Re: Palawa Kani (was: Message from Janko)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, September 7, 2003, 23:18
Isaac Penzev wrote:
> > A funny thing Janko mentioned: > > J. CONLANG BASED AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL LANGUAGES: > > Palawa Kani. > > Actually, it's not a conlang but rather a 'reconlang': a reconstruction of
> language that died. But the funnier thing is that this language is taught
> spoken by a small but distinctive and growing community! > > Read about it here: > >,5942,6728620,00.html > >
Iinteresting. One has to wonder how much original vocabulary and grammar they have to work with.... or are they (gasp)...inventing words? The word _palawa_ struck me, ASSUMING it means 'language'-- looks and could sound a lot like old US slang _palaver_ 'talk, discuss; confer etc.', < Span. palabra. But it could just be coincidental, as I doubt "palaver" ever made its way into Brit. slang/ S.Pacific pidgin English.


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